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Review of phimour about the flight Saudi Arabian Airlines SV 875 between Manille and Jeddah on 24/05/2014 in Economy
phimour SV / SVA MNL / JED
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Context: Paris-Manila flight with a layover in Riyadh on the departure flight and Jeddah on the return flight.

The first flight was moved up by 1 hour and the second flight was delayed by 1 hour, which meant 9 hours of waiting in Riyadh, but at least we were warned (at the last moment, since Go Voyage wasn't working that well).

On the return, we learned in the Manila airport that the flight was delayed by 4 hours (Go Voyage can't work when you're that far away).

But we had 2h45min transit in Jeddah.

A positive point for the airline: the Saudi ground crew at the Manila airport performed their jobs well and succeeded in getting us (and the twenty or so other passengers who also had connecting flights) onto another flight, in this case Qatar Airways, so we ended up benefiting from the change.

Negative points for Saudi:
* No respect for schedules, which seems to happen a lot with this airline.
* The only advantage, we traveled without going anywhere since between the prayer at takeoff, the choice of beverage limited to fruit juice and the prayer room on the plane, we felt like we were already in Arabia.

Our recommendation: avoid Saudi and go for Etihad or Qatar Airways (they also recommended Emirates but we haven't tried them for ourselves), airlines that don't impose their state religion on the passengers.

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1 / 5
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2 / 5
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By phimour, about Saudi Arabian Airlines, , close to Courtenay, Centre, France
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 29 June 2014
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