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Delayed flight and missed connecting flight to london

My flight from medina to Jeddah delayed by 20 minutes and there was also 30-40 minutes delay to pick the laggages up. Because laggages wasnt coming...

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Economy MED - JED 10/2019 1 reactions

Do not Travel

I am writing this review with a very disappointment. Today (09/08/2019 Saturady) morning my wife supposed to travel from Jeddah to Kochi. But due to...

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Economy JED - KCZ 08/2019

Mr khan

Horrible airlines. Always late. Ridiculous customer services. Absolutely nothing makes sense about this airlines.
If it is not 50% cheaper then other airline then don't travel. You will regret, guaranteed.

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Economy AUH - JED 08/2018
minhaj I.

Very Good Flight

We left for Singapore as a family: 2 adults and 2 children (6 & 12 years old).

The tickets we bought were inexpensive at €480, which added up to a total amount of €1890 including tax. At that price, we had a few reservations about the airline.

In fact, this is a good airline. The planes were well-equipped with individual screens with a choice of movies and music. Some of the movies were censored, but nothing too bad.

The meals were basic, but personally I've never had an excellent meal on a plane. It filled us up and that's what's important.

The layover in Riyadh went well. There were restaurants, but unfortunately the duty free shop was under construction, which is too bad since a four-hour layover is a little long.

We were agreeably surprised by this airline, having been disappointed by Aeroflot. I recommend this airline without hesitation.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years
Leao M.

Superb flight in total tranquility

I was seating in 17H.
Had a great flight. The flat bed helped me to sleep well. The crew was attentive and answered all my requests. Will fly them again!

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Business RUH - LHR More than 3 years 2 reactions 45 views

A short flight

After a transition where we had to collect our luggage to register it with customs again, there was a two-hour wait before boarding via bus.

Once again I was in the first row of economy class so I had more legroom.

There was no in-flight entertainment, which is normal for a short-haul flight, but there was a central screen with information about the flight.

There was a pilot announcement right before landing.
Good temperature.

There was no meal or snack, but there were beverages (I would have liked to have a small snack of some kind).

The flight attendants were less friendly than on the first flight (maybe because that flight was too short to notice). Landing was 15 min early and then baggage was delivered on one of the two carousels of the small airport's one terminal.

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Economy JED - MED More than 3 years 1 reactions 32 views


Casablanca-Jeddah flight on Saudia. Small delay of 15 minutes but that wasn't bad considering that we arrived just before the end of check-in...

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Economy CMN - JED More than 3 years 8 reactions 102 views

Following schedules is optional at Saudi

Context: Paris-Manila flight with a layover in Riyadh on the departure flight and Jeddah on the return flight. The first flight was moved up by 1...

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Economy MNL - JED More than 3 years 9 reactions 168 views

Vol annulé pas de remboursement

La compagnie SAUDIA mène une politique consistant à vous mettre sur des vols moins remplis et quand cela ne fonctionne pas ils gardent votre argent !!!
- vol réservé pour un départ le week-end, 6 semaines avant le départ ils proposent un vol deux jours après en semaine sans informer des droits à remboursement. Après demande express de remboursement en refusant le vol, ils proposent (trop tard car j'ai réservé un vol sur Etihad) un vol le même jour que le vol initial !!!!
- a ce jours, trois mois après, la compagnie SAUDIA fait le mort et ne rembourse pas.

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Economy CDG - MNL More than 2 years
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