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Value (price + quality) 2,75 / 5
Comfort 3,13 / 5
Costumer service 2,5 / 5
Your opinion of security 3,25 / 5
Food 2,5 / 5
Management of luggage 2 / 5
Comfort 3,13 / 5
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Masha The worst service ever 1/5
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A disgrace!

Over the course of both the outbound and return legs of this flight we experienced every negative incident you could possibly imagine happening with an airline! STEER WELL CLEAR!
- flight cancelled without warning
- flight delayed
- lost baggage
- kept at the airport due to being on the waiting list, without knowing when we'd be departing.

And on top of all this, the Aeroflot staff were as unpleasant as can be. We spent eight hours waiting in the transit zone without knowing what was going to happen to us. Not a single member of staff wanted to speak to us, nor provide us with a glass of water even!

The holidays were ruined. This is an airline to steer well clear of! It's disgraceful to treat people in this way!

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 3 years 2 reactions 63 views


The flight was delayed for more than 30 minutes with no explanation offered by the crew, just apologies when we arrived at destination.

The onboard meal was mediocre and lacking in taste. The omelette resembled an egg pudding.

The check-in at SVO via SkyPriority involved a 20 minute wait. There was no in-flight entertainment, just the wait for the flight to arrive at destination.

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Economy SVO - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 58 views

Back to work in China

I took aeroflot for my flight back to China and the seat where pretty confortable. The entertainement were very good with plenty of movies and the usb plug is a great idea to recharge the power bank or phone before arriving. The air conditioning were well set and we didn't feel too cold even wearing a short pant. The PNC had a correct english even if it is sometimes hard to understand. Nothing to say about the service to check-in and boarding, it is totally common.

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Economy SVO - HKG More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

Winter in Moscow

There was no gangway and no stepladder and we had to walk in the snow. The plane wasn't in its first youth, and at the place where two of the jet...

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Economy LBG - DME More than 3 years 5 reactions 133 views

Good flight

Having flown for the first time with Aeroflot, I was struck by how the service in economy class is like other Western companies (eg Alitalia).
The legroom is eseguio (if you are taller than 1.80 cm) and the seat angle is minimal. However, the seat is comfortable and soft. The IFE does not respond quickly to commands (slow) and some seats will not work, but the sceltra is wide, from movies to documentaries with the ability to play simple games such as bowling multiplayer with other passengers.
Meals and drinks are the norm. Very interesting that sometimes it is also served as a snack ice cream.
Landings and takeoffs in the standard (weather permitting).
The temperatures are a bit lower, but at least the pressure is great.
The messages of Captain are frquenti but English is barely understandable (also because of the intercom).
Check-in slow. If you have a coincidence you should run.
Possibility of large luggage (both on board for the hold).
The crew is professional but the hostess was hoping they were the most beautiful Russian ...

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Economy SVO - NRT More than 3 years 2 reactions 24 views

Very average!

Boarding smooth and rapid
Plane clean and new
Took off on time
No in-flight entertainment system
Very very mediocre meal. The service is provided in a surprising way: first there's a drinks service, then following that the hot meals are served. Tea is served at the same time as the meal.
Information about the weather at the destination is provided by the captain during the flight. An announcement is also made at the start of the descent.
The cabin crew weren't all that pleasant.

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Economy CDG - SVO More than 3 years 4 reactions 199 views

Reassuring and competent

As someone who had a lot of preconceptions about this airline because of its poor reputation, I was pleasantly surprised.
I am basically really scared of planes, and when turbulence occurred on this flight the cabin crew managed my phobia competently and patiently. They were helpful and took care to explain to me how the plane worked. They also even offered to let me meet the pilots for more in-depth information. In short, a very enjoyable flight.

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Economy SGN - SVO More than 3 years 4 reactions 401 views

Return to Europe via Russia

That's it, our trip along the Silk Road comes to an end. We're at Tashkent airport to fly to Geneva via Moscow with Aeroflot. Our flight is at...

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Economy TAS - SVO More than 3 years 26 reactions 1,6k views

A pleasant flight

Coming back from Russia, I was apprehensive about this flight with this airline. After all the negative things I read, it was quite worrying.

Well, what a pleasant surprise: a nice plane; kind, friendly hostesses, ready to listen to passengers and able to speak Russian, as is only natural for a Russian airline, together with English and a little French, enough to make themselves understood.

Drinks before and after the meal; two menus offering a remarkable choice; many airlines only offer a single menu with coffee/tea, and cold drink refills for whoever wanted them!
Despite a bit of turbulence, which the captain handled well, I happily could not ask for anything more. Everything was absolutely fine, and the landing was very gentle.

No baggage claims on arrival in Paris. These are something that can occur with any flight
(it happened to me with Cyprus Airways).

In conclusion, this is an airline I'm going to recommend, and one that I will not hesitate to use again.

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Economy SVO - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 1k views

Not that bad!

I took a flight on July 12, 2013, from Paris CDG to Tokyo Narita, with a stopover in Moscow. I had no problems in particular. The plane had a...

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Economy CDG - NRT More than 3 years 10 reactions 1,3k views

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