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Review of Domy about the flight Aeroflot between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Ho Chi Minh on 30/03/2013 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Here’s our experience with Aeroflot.
We went off to Vietnam with this airline. The tickets cost about 620 euros. I think that with other airlines we would have been able to find similarly priced tickets, but only if we had booked them more time in advance.
I never want to go through this experience again. At the stopover in Moscow we had a six hour delay without any explanation being given. The personnel shined for their absence. Since people were starting to get angry, someone came after six hours to give us meal vouchers and tell us that we wouldn’t have time to use them because we would board immediately. We asked how it would be afterwards, because we would miss our connection to a domestic flight in Vietnam. They told us they were not responsible, that this was a technical problem. In short: they didn’t give a damn!
The return trip: well, this took the cake!
We boarded our flight from Saigon to Moscow almost on time, which was already miraculous. The airplane started to move for take-off. After moving around the runway for half an hour, we ended up back at the place we were in the beginning. We stayed for almost three hours inside the plane with no air conditioning. There were young children there!!!
We went back to the airport. There was a technical problem with the plane!!!
We were bamboozled for almost 12 hours. We were supposed to board every two hours. They promised us a new plane that would come from Moscow (seriously, that’s where the breakdown probably was!!!). In the end, we took off in the same plane!!! Some armrests were patched up with scotch tape. I should have made some pictures. A horrible plane with no movie on the return flight. On the outward flight, there was a Russian movie from the 50s (so, no movie, which wasn’t the worst, all things considered)! The crew was very unkind!!!
I don’t understand how Air France could be associated with this airline in Sky Team!
Avoid this airline!!! In terms of both safety and comfort, and we’re not picky!!!

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By Domy, about Aeroflot,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 2 April 2013
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