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worst service and support from staff as we were not allowed to board the flight

Hi, Am Dalu Baburaj, Myself & My friends namely • Anand • Aravind • Aswin recently made a trip to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Our tickets...

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Economy SVO - DEL 06/2018

Never take this airline

I agree completely with most of the other opinions, in the plane it was very cold, asking the hostesses to increase the temperature resulted in nothing.

Apart from distributing 2 meals very unfriendly there were always absent.

Looking the news on the screen: only Russia Today with a picture of Putin (that says all), then 3 reports more than 3 months old and only about bad situations in the West.

Some Euronews reports but only cultural events. Pure propaganda. Aeroflot is really Russia today!

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Economy SXF - HAV More than 2 years

Mixed review

I flew from JFK - SVO - VCE.

The airplane was like a normal airplane. Nothing to really write home about.

I will tell you that they lost my luggage and it was no where to be found. They couldn't track it on the computer or anything. They said it disappeared.

Flight attendants were very grumpy.

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Economy JFK - SVO More than 3 years

As usual top of the top.

I can only mention again and again same statement.

New aircraft, top service, competent crew, excellent service from check-in to landing, competitive prices compared to West European players. A growing company.

For this flight my language has been delayed at Shanghai arrival. Aeroflot paid first needs I have to buy, without any discussion.

Back flight on Feb. 14th was on the same scale without delayed language. As long Aeroflot is at this level, I don’t see any reason to change company.

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Business ZRH - PVG More than 3 years

Not bad

Aeroflot is an excellent choice to go to Mongolia from France since it's fast (compared to Air China, which made us go through Beijing) and not that expensive.

The planes (1 from CDG to SVO and 1 from SVO to ULN) were no longer young but still flawless. The flight crew was very nice and attentive, always ready to provide service. The food wasn't exceptional, but we were on an airplane.

The only little glitch was the lack of entertainment in economy class (no individual screens), and when there's nothing to occupy you it makes the trip feel longer.

Despite that, I'm ready to take this airline again, and I recommend it.

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Economy CDG - ULN More than 3 years 1 views

A truly reliable airline with a professional staff

After having several experiences with it, I can say that Aeroflot is proving itself to be a very good airline that is continuously improving.

Recent equipment, clean, a professional, pleasant crew and bathrooms that remained clean all the way to the end of the flight (Moscow-Petropavlovsk to Kamchatka). The schedules were reliable and there were no problems with baggage delivery and checked baggage at the baggage claim had its check-in references).

The food was good and absolutely comparable to that of other airlines (in a rather surprising way considering the hype surrounding French cuisine, AEROFLOT can absolutely hold its own against Air France).

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Economy SVO - PKC More than 3 years 3 reactions 42 views

A pleasant flight from Moscow to Amsterdam

Welcomed by a friendly and attentive staff. The "space+" seats were appreciated for the legroom but vision was limited to the very small window of...

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Economy SVO - AMS More than 3 years 1 reactions 38 views

Pleasant trip

The BCN-SVO flight was very pleasant in terms of onboard comfort.

The space between the seats was about average for an airline and the incline was adequate.

The onboard entertainment was average.
The meal was a little lacking in terms of quality, but not terrible.

Although personnel were a bit chilly, the service was adequate.
The flight was on time and the disembarkation was quick.

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Economy BCN - SVO More than 3 years 2 reactions 36 views


Good service, a good flight. Little information. Only one beverage served. The meal was neither better nor worse than on any other economy class airline. A normal quick trip nothing more, nothing less.
I thought I would be able to have some vodka :) but no . . . just a small glass of Italian white wine. The plane was an Airbus A320.

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Economy CDG - SVO More than 3 years 1 reactions 46 views

A disgrace!

Over the course of both the outbound and return legs of this flight we experienced every negative incident you could possibly imagine happening with an airline! STEER WELL CLEAR!
- flight cancelled without warning
- flight delayed
- lost baggage
- kept at the airport due to being on the waiting list, without knowing when we'd be departing.

And on top of all this, the Aeroflot staff were as unpleasant as can be. We spent eight hours waiting in the transit zone without knowing what was going to happen to us. Not a single member of staff wanted to speak to us, nor provide us with a glass of water even!

The holidays were ruined. This is an airline to steer well clear of! It's disgraceful to treat people in this way!

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Economy CDG - HAV More than 3 years 2 reactions 63 views
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