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A few drawbacks

A night flight Mauritius—11 hours without being able to sleep.
Luckily there was a touch screen and headphones, which helped keep me entertained.
The pilot had a sense of humor.

One small drawback, the seats were a little cramped for larger people, which I thought was too bad.
Otherwise, the breakfast was welcome and very good.

Another thing: I am diabetic and I asked if they could put my insulin pens in the refrigerator, which they refused to do (the reason provided: it wasn't allowed). A flight attendant a packed them in ice for me, which of course had melted by the time we arrived. My pens (in their cardboard packaging) were completely soaked.

The return flight, a month later, was a day flight that was, not unexpectedly, more cramped in an A330. They still had touch screens. The breakfast was excellent but it's too bad there was no choice between sugar and no sugar. Lunch was OK.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied and I'd travel with Corsair again.

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 6 reactions 734 views

Perfect service.

After reading negative comments on certain websites, I was thinking I'd made the wrong choice... But as it happens I was very pleasantly surprised... Corsair's agency at Orly dealt with us perfectly on arrival. Check-in was quick and efficient, with the seats that I'd pre-booked honoured. The cabin crew were available, smiling, and reassuring. The dinner and breakfast were of good quality. The screens at the seats offered games and recent films. Both outbound and return flights took off on time, just like the stopover-free direct flight. Headphones, earplugs and eye mask are kindly placed at each seat, as are the blanket and pillow. Finally, the pilots make regular and accurate informative announcements. Corsair proved to be an excellent choice and I fully recommend them to you.

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 13 reactions 812 views

A nice surprise

After seeing the reviews, I was prepared for an unpleasing flight. But to my good surprise, everything went well. We took-off on time. Our seats on...

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 9 reactions 1,5k views

Ne respecte pas ses engagements

Le vol s'est bien passé. Rien à dire. Heureusement, j'avais payé un supplément pour être en grand large. En revanche, la compagnie vous bombarde de...

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Comment from the airline
Business ORY - MRU More than 3 years 14 reactions 843 views

Vol vers l'île maurice

les siège sont durs et inconfortables
les écrans sont moyen le tactile est mauvais
les repas sont corrects
bon décollage et atterrissage
température agréable
embarquement rapide et bien
les bagages très bien 23 kg
le personnel à bord est très médiocre, peu serviables et mal aimables, ils ne servent que pour le repas, il ne faut rien leur demander d'autre..
la ponctualité très bien

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 3 reactions 639 views

Quelle galère

12 heures de retard sur un séjour de 7 jours c'est beaucoup.
Sans compter qu'il a fallu récupérer nos bagages avec nouvel enregistrement le lendemain à 6 heures.
De plus j'avais réservé nos 4 places avec supplément en juillet en demandant des places au pont supérieur+issue de secours (+80€).
3 places étaient correctes et la quatrième dans la rangée derrière.
Alors qu'au téléphone on m'avait confirmé que nous serions tous sur la même rangée. Pas terrible Corsair cette fois. Peut mieux faire.

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 4 reactions 350 views

Premier voyage sur corsair international et premier petit désagrément car notre voyage pour lîle maurice avait un départ prévu le 9 septembre à 21h...

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Economy ORY - MRU More than 3 years 8 reactions 1,4k views

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