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arawak18 A very pleasant flight to Fort-de-France 5/5
julfed82 Perfect flight 4/5

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A very pleasant flight to Fort-de-France

My first flight with a one-year-old baby. Everything was explained at check-in. We brought a cradle to make the journey more comfortable for the baby.

The whole flight was pleasant at the front of the plane, row 11. However, I feel compelled to say that the noise level that at the back of the plane was much higher.

The flight crew was available, smiling, thoughtful and above all they had a sense of humor, which helped reassure us about making the flight with the baby.

Corsair was and remains one of my favorite airlines—I'm never disappointed.

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Economy ORY - FDF 05/2015 4 reactions 85 views

Perfect flight

Paris-FdF departure flight on a recent A330. Center seats. The welcome and boarding were standard. Everything went well. Departure was exactly on time. The arrival was 30 minutes late because the trip was too long (8 hours 50 minutes instead of 8 hours and 30 minutes).
It was calm and comfortable flight with good service.
Good meals: without it being fancy, we ate well.
There were individual touch screens. Although the selection of movies was pretty large, there was a lack of animated films for children (only 1 for the smallest ones like my son, who is 4). Luckily we had our own personal tablet as a supplement. My 8-year-old daughter was satisfied.

In short, a very pleasant flight with satisfactory service and amenities.

Bravo to Corsair for improving its services! I flew to the Dominican Republic on this airline ten years ago and the services provided have improved a great deal while the prices remain competitive.

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Economy ORY - FDF 04/2015 3 reactions 51 views

A new experience

Flight from Paris Orly to Fort-de-France and back. Outward flight on January 10, 2014, and return flight on January 20. Second trip on this route...

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Comment from the airline
Business ORY - FDF More than 3 years 22 reactions 928 views

Services falling

For a 1,300 Euro ticket in economy class (PAR/FDF), I must say that I was disappointed by Corsair, whom I was very used to, most notably in the...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - FDF More than 3 years 3 reactions 440 views

Grand large: very good value for money

Airport : VIP treatment (no waiting, private lounge with champagne...). Priority boarding. Personalised welcome aboard (cloakroom, champagne and...

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Reply from the airline
Business ORY - FDF More than 3 years 9 reactions 411 views

Voyage bof

Très peu de place pour les jambes en économie. Les films étaient tous des drames ou thrillers autant dire que pour partir en vacances ça met en joie...

Repas correct mais insuffisant pour un adulte qui aime manger, le dessert était spécial. Merci au chef de bord qui a accepté de me donner une ration car j’étais vraiment affamé.

Vol agréable, rien à dire sur l’atterrissage et le décollage. Température toujours froide dans tout les vols Corsair et ils n'ont pas dérogé à la règle. Cette fois ci le personnel était agréable. Vol ponctuel.

Embarquement et enregistrement sans aucun problème, ça n'avait pas été le cas l'année passée

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Economy ORY - FDF More than 2 years 1 reactions 75 views

Impossible d'obtenir une facture d'annulation

Je n’ai pas pu prendre ce vol suite au décès de mon épouse. Malgré 5 ou 6 contacts avec Corsair, impossible d'obtenir une facture d'annulation...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - FDF More than 3 years 8 reactions 128 views

Personnel surprenant

Bonjour Je suis une grande habituée des vols Corsair bon accueil, repas chaud au choix et petites attentions pour les jeunes enfants. Mais quel ne...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - FDF More than 2 years 6 reactions 670 views

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