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Review of Alexiane S. about the flight Corsair between Mauritius and Paris Orly on 02/04/2018 in Economy
Alexiane S. SS / CRL MRU / ORY
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

I was flying on a direct flight from Mauritius airport to Paris Orly on April 2nd. Supposedly taking off at 8pm, we were waiting for the airport shuttle to pick us up at the hotel, which is when we were told the plane had been cancelled and was delayed to 10.30am the next day. In the middle of the night, we were woken up by a call telling us the flight was delayed again and will depart at 1.55pm.
Arriving at the airport the next day, we were told the new flight we were put on was not direct anymore and we would have to get off the plane in St Denis (Reunion Island), retrieve our baggage, and check them back in for our next flight to Paris, which was now going to arrive in Roissy Charles de Gaulle and not Orly. As we were waiting to board the plane, we realised we would have to do all this in about one hour, considering the flight to St Denis was going to be delayed another 30 minutes.
After finally landing in St Denis, we all went to baggage claim and waited there without any information on where and when our baggage would arrive. After 50 minutes, we were finally told that all baggage were already on the plane and that we did not have to retrieve them (despite what we had been told at Mauritius Airport) but had to check ourselves in at Corsair’s desk.
After finally leaving St Denis on the Paris CDG flight (with another hour and a half delay), the journey can begin. I wish I could say that despite the stressful and unorganised travel, the seats are comfortable, the in-flight services work well, and the food is enjoyable, but that is not even the case unfortunately. The air-conditioning was turned on fully, so it was very cold, even when turning the one above my seat off. The TV screens did not function properly, so it was difficult to turn them on or off or even choose/change the movies. The food was not enjoyable, and there wasn’t much choice. The seats are very close to each other and the distance between our seats and the seat in front of us is very limited, which means that sleeping in a Corsair plane is not ideal.
We landed safely in Paris CDG at 3am (local time) and were waiting for our baggage for 1.30 hours. Baggage arrived on two different belts, which made it even harder to know where and when they would arrive. Corsair had put in place shuttles to travel from Paris CDG to Orly or Porte Maillot and we were told a member of the crew would come at the baggage claim to explain which buses to take, where to go and how to get there. No member of the crew ever showed up and we were left trying to understand where to go and which bus was going where, on our own.
In summary, this has been one of the most stressful flight I’ve been on and this cancellation/delay could have been dealt with in a much better way, but Corsair doesn’t seem to be interested in their clientele since the least amount of information was provided to us during this journey and most of what we were told turned out to be wrong.

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By Alexiane S., about Corsair, , close to United Kingdom
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