Arbitrary cancellation of my ticket – awful customer service

Review of Mak about the flight Corsair between Paris Orly and Montreal Trudeau on 14/10/2012 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

My girlfriend and I were supposed to fly back to Montréal from Paris on October 14. Unfortunately for us, our preceding flight was a few minutes late and we reached the Corsair check-in counter at exactly 3:03 PM. The plane would leave at 4:00 PM and the flight was not yet closed. Mr. D***, the check-in manager, initially allowed me to check in, but seeing other passengers arrive he went back on his decision and closed the flight right when the agent was registering my check-in.
Other seven passengers were in the same situation. It was exactly 3:05 PM.
He then sent us to an employee at the reception counter who would put us on another flight four days later!
We were all outraged and despite all of our complaints Mr. D*** remained cold and impartial. The young woman who took over the case wasn’t any more welcoming and understanding. Believing her attitude and service were not adding value to the company, I asked her for her name or employee number. Since she repeatedly refused to give me this information, I decided to take a picture of her so that I could at least have something for when I wrote the company.
Mr. D*** didn’t like my gesture and called the police. I explained the situation to the police officer, telling him that I was willing to delete the photograph if I could have the young woman’s employee number or name so that I could write to the Corsair customer service. The young woman again refused to give me her information. It was verified that I was within my rights and I was able to the keep these two people’s photos, which I have attached to this e-mail.
Angry at what had happened, Mr. D*** decided to remove my flight from the system, taking advantage of the fact that it was modifiable. I don’t think a check-in manager is allowed to do such a thing, especially since at no moment were we impolite.
My girlfriend and I, as well as most of the other passengers, had to buy new full-price tickets with another airline so that we could go back to Canada on the following day.

My goal today is primarily to inform you of this incident, but also to recover this return flight that I was unable to take. If I end up losing this flight, I will find myself forced to file a complaint against Mr. D*** and the young woman from the counter.

Hoping to quickly resolve this situation, I thank you for taking this request into consideration.

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By Mak, about Corsair,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 5 December 2012
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Richard replied Translate

"Mak" alias Pa*** Ay***, Canadien de nationalité est arrivé aprés l' Heure Limite d' Enregistrement. Cette information figure sur son billet d'avion. En comparaison, a la SNCF, à 15h48 quand le train doit partir, les portes se ferment et c'est tout !! L'avion Mr PA*** il va falloir l'intégrer: C'est pareil

The user who posted the review has replied. Translate

Pour votre information Mr D****, j'ai obtenu un remboursement intégral de mon billet par Corsair. Preuve qu'ils ont reconnu que vous étiez dans le tord d'agir de la sorte. Arrêtez de traiter les passagers comme de la chair à canon et faite preuve d'humanité la prochaine fois. Ça évitera bien des désagréments!

Jean1853 replied Translate

Juste une chose à Florian qui semble être le "modo". mais Mr D** demande de retirer son nom du commentaire de Mak pour question de confidentialité mais Mr D intervient juste après en indiquant qu'il se prénomme Richard D***... ce Mr est vraiment surprenant, parler de confidentialité et affiché quelques lignes plus bas son nom en toute lettre et on voit une photo si on suit le lien...

huggy replied Translate

Pour ma part vous etiez en retard ! on se pointe pas 1h avant le départ du vol pour embarquer sur un long courrier ! la suite de l'histoire ne donne pas raison au staff de Corsair, mais comme tout bon français vous vous croyez tout permis y compris d'arriver en retard ! et après les compagnies qui vous attendant nous mettent en retard !

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