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Comfort 3,3 / 5
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A very good flight.

The seats on this Singapore Airlines A380 were comfortable, and the food was delicious. However, the in-flight entertainment had few recent French films. There was a long wait for landing and a corresponding long line.

The 66lb limit on luggage was great. The flight attendants were very friendly and cheerful.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 1 reactions 111 views

Excellent airline

No delay.
Rapid check-in.
Cheerful crew.
High-quality meals.
Movies in French plus others with French subtitles.
Very nice seats.
The temperature was comfortable on the departure flight. It was cold on the return flight, but maybe that was just to get us used to the temperature difference between Singapore and Paris.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 3 reactions 130 views

About a lost bag containing important documents

As this was was my first experience with Singapore airlines, I had one of the best flight experience so far. I am very much satisfied with the services.

The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful... The meals were awesome. No doubt, Singapore airlines is one of the best airlines. However, I forgot to collect one of my bag containing some important documents while getting off the aeroplane.

I would be very grateful to the Singapore airlines if could get back my bag, as it contains important documents .

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Economy MEL - KTM More than 3 years 1 reactions 15 views

A good night flight

This was the second flight on my journey to Australia.
After a long layover at Changi, I got to my departure gate thanks to their integrated subway.
Boarding was on time and all of a sudden I felt more cramped than on the A380. Two young and talkative Singaporeans kept me company.
The space also seemed to have been reduced. We felt more crowded.
They passed out oshibori, another toilet kit and then an in-flight meal that was once more not bad at all—chicken and vegetables as the main dish, served for once by a steward and not a pretty SQ girl.
For entertainment I was happy to listen to a Pink Floyd album before going to sleep, since the video was not that good; the plane seemed to be a little old.
Gifts and drinks were once again offered throughout the entire flight.
The flight lasted "only" a little over 7 hours. We were woken up around 8 am Australian time by a full breakfast: scrambled eggs /sausages, fruit, rolls and coffee.
The landing in Melbourne was smooth and ahead of schedule.
Baggage claim was quick and without problems.

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Economy SIN - MEL More than 3 years 2 reactions 191 views

A long and relaxing trip

I cannot recommend enough opting for "business class" on a 13-hour flight, since comfort is optimum and it's not as tiring, as much as Singapore...

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Business CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 357 views

It was perfect

My first trip that was this long and everything was perfect from the baggage check-in to the claim despite a 17-hour stopover (voluntary). If the...

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Economy CDG - ADL More than 3 years 2 reactions 144 views


This was my first long distance flight and everything went well! This was the first flight of a long trip to Sydney. The service and check-in were perfect; takeoff and landing were on time; there was good legroom (obligatory in an A380); there were many options for entertainment (games, movies in several languages, etc.), the crew was friendly and accommodating; the meals were good, though sometimes a bit too spicy. A small extra: while waiting for our flight to Sydney (a 14-hour connection), Singapore Airlines offered us a mini two-hour tour of Singapore. No complaints, everything was perfect!

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 177 views

Very good flight!

The Paris-Singapore trip was very pleasant. Boarding the A380 was done in a quick and efficient way in CDG, due to the airplane’s many doors.

The flight departed and arrived on time. The meals were rather good (except for the breakfast’s scrambled eggs, which should be avoided). The screens were of overall good quality, even though the picture sometimes jerked during the movies. There were many high-quality movies. The only bad thing was the ancient headphone socket (double mono jack)!

The adapter (standard jack – double mono jack) is not for sale during the flight, but I managed to make it work by putting my plug hallway inside the socket. A little old school for such a flight.
The cabin crew was OK, efficient and cordial.
Takeoff was very smooth on the A380. It was very impressive!

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 5 reactions 343 views


The ground and flight crews were very helpful, cheerful, available and professional. The crew on board was quick to respond to my requests whenever I notified them using the call button by my seat.

The meal was acceptable, and good for airline food, with a large choice of beverages.
The seat (window) was comfortable, and there was enough legroom for me (however I'm not that tall—5'4").
There were individual screens, a wide choice of recent movies and documentaries, although not a lot of foreign films translated into French.

Departure and arrival were at the scheduled time.

This was my 3rd flight with this airline and I've always been satisfied.
We went through the Singapore airport and then took a Singapore - Phnom Penh (Cambodia) flight with Silkair Airlines, which is part of Singapore Airlines. There were no problems with luggage and Silkair Airlines did just as well.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 152 views

Perfect flight to Singapore

It's true that Terminal 1 at Roissy isn't the most welcoming but that's just the way it is. The flight was on an A380. Everything went well, there was more space on the seats, a good meal and an attentive crew. We left a little late but arrived on time. I happily would use them again.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 3 reactions 76 views

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