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Comfort 2,81 / 5
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Andrew M. Delays, lost / damaged luggage, terrible customer service 1/5
RosaT Delayed flight from Brussels for twenty four hours 1/5
MIM pathetic experience 1/5
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Very bad customer service!

I asked to change my return ticket. After 1h30 on the phone I was informed that it would cost 171€ for the change of ticket. I received another call...

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Economy DLA - CDG More than 2 years

This airline has terrible client service

My friend luggage was lost when she was flying to Prague. She needed to buy basic things. Since she does not speak English I fill out the luggage lost form- the case Case no. 1607-SN-02410.

There is no communication from the airlines side whatsallever. There is no phone number to call regarding this. I did not see such customer service long time.

I was told by guys on Prague airport that Brussels airlines are well known for losing luggages a lot.

On the flight, when you ask for blanket cause there is cold, you do not receive anything. Really weird value for the money.

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Economy VNO - PRG More than 2 years
Petr K.

A disappoint experience with Brussel Airlines

I had an excellent trip from Toronto to Belgium, airhostess and crew as nice from Toronto to Belgium with great service.

However, the trip from Belgium to Accra on Brussel Airlines flight 277 on July 9, 2016 and return on flight 278 on August 6, 2015 were the most horrible flight I had ever had.

The crew were very disrespectful. The washroom in the plane was dirty and smelling with no tissue paper right from the beginning of the flights when I went to use the washroom. The plane was smelling and dirty in the cabin.

The services were horrible and the air hostess pretend they could not speak English anytime passengers ask for their assistance. I am wondering if the same airline should have 2 different level of services for their America-Europe trip and that for their Europe-Africa trips.

I will advise the authorities to find out how the same airline can offer a good service on one leg of the trip and horrible service on the other.

I don't advise anyone to use Brussel Airlines from Europe to Africa. Thank you.

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Economy ACC - BRU More than 2 years

Seems usual to miss the connecting flights

We travelled from Stockholm to Lisbon through Brussels and back. The departure time was not kept with the planes to Brussels in both directions. We managed to catch the connection towards Lisbon but our baggage did not.

They lost our baggage and did not find it for a day. On the way back we missed the connection and had to wait two more hours to get home.

There was very little compensation for our lost time and I did not feel that the Airline cared about our experience. We were upset.

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Economy BMA - LIS More than 2 years

Vol retour

Après une semaine à Vienne et avoir visité et avoir entendu parler de Sisi, les vacances sont finies. Mon vol SN2906 partant à 18:05.

Après avoir fait mon check-in online sur mon téléphone, j'ai pris le train et une fois arrivé à l’aéroport je suis passé par la sécurité directement et prêt à embarquer. J'ai voulu acheter un porte clé à l’aéroport qui m'a coûter 10 euros, une arnaque mais j'avais oublié d’acheter des porte clés donc je l'ai acheté. Conseil : n'achetez pas de souvenir à l’aéroport !

Mon vol est arrivé en retard de 15 minutes, j'ai eu peur car j'avais une connexion pour Birmingham 1 heure plus tard mais l'avion est arrivé et nous avons embarqué pas longtemps après. L'embarquement s'est fait vite.

Décollage sous la pluie. Nous sommes arrivés en retard à Bruxelles, je suis sorti le plus vite possible pour pouvoir prendre mon vol.

Pas d’écran pour suivre le vol. Dommage.

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Economy VIE - BRU More than 2 years


I took this flight as a continuation of my flight from Birmingham. I arrived at the Brussels airport on time at 12:20 pm. My flight to Vienna was...

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Economy BRU - VIE More than 2 years 1 reactions 7 views

Small Plane.

I took flight SN2038 leaving from Birmingham at 10:30 and going to Brussels. This was the first time I'd taken a European flight on Star...

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Economy BHX - BRU More than 2 years 5 views

Worst experience so far

The Brussels airlines are extremely disorganised. I had a short connection and there was a slight delay of my flight and I had to walk for 40 minutes to my gate, and the airlines did not inform the connecting flight.

The gate closed 5 minutes before I arrived and they refused to let me in. There was only 1 person at the help desk, and she was very slow. No pass was given to me to make my way to another gate faster, and the staff were extremely indifferent.

I would not recommend to use these airlines ever, and I'd suggest to avoid Brussels airport for connections in general.

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Economy GVA - BRU More than 2 years

1st Flight of the Year and it was Delayed

This flight was bringing us to Switzerland. I was surprised to find such an unsmiling crew on boarding. Once on board, the crew seemed tired from...

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Economy BRU - GVA More than 2 years 137 views

New Year's Flight

Departure for Brussels to celebrate New Year's. Boarding at GVA was very fast and went by without problems. As always, the ground crew was cheerful...

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Economy GVA - BRU More than 2 years 73 views

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