Jewelry and Presciptions stolen

Review of jdk about the flight Brussels Airlines between Washington Dulles and Entebbe/Kampala on 29/06/2019 in Economy
jdk SN / BEL IAD / EBB

At our layover in Brussels, a Brussels employee asked to take one of our carry on bags and insist it be changed to a "check in" bag. Not a problem at all - they have the right to do this.

But the Brussels Airline employee would not let us remove anything from the bag before checking it in. Upon arrival at final destination, we discovered all jewelry and crucial prescription drugs had been stolen from the bag. Brussels Airlines customer service (our report number was 1907-SN-03785) said that this was our fault for not removing any valuable items from the bag, even though we were not allowed to do this. I guess we were supposed to try to physically overpower the Brussels employee that took our bag?

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