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Review of MIM about the flight Brussels Airlines between Bombay and Brussels on 30/05/2017 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

I was travelling alone and was on an aisle seat. the seats were small and not comfortable. the person sitting next to me almost encroached my seat as he was little healthy. When the food came, I did not get non veg as the indian airhostess said that it is over but immediately after that she gave non veg food to the passenger sitting next to me. At night when the same airhostess was passing and giving water to people, I asked for a glass of water and she spilled full glass of water on my jeans, and immediately went inside to bring something for me. I thought she must have gone to get me some tissues or a towel, but to my surprise she did not bother to provide any tissue and just gave me another glass full of water, as if her job is done. She proved to have a casual approach which she should not have. When the flight reached brussels and the gates were not yet open, she and another airhostess lady opened the rear door and starting clicking selfies, I found it unsafe for all the passengers. Another incident I want to bring to notice is that, since the leg space was very small, one of my leg by chance was out of my seat at night while sleeping. A steward passed and kicked my leg and never turned back to say sorry. I screamed with pain. I felt that I have booked the tickets for free and I am travelling on their mercy, thus the cabin crew behaved so badly. She should first learn humanity and proper behaviour before starting their on board journey. I had a pathetic journey because of the stewards and airhostess.

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By MIM, about Brussels Airlines, , close to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Posted online by admin, on 13 June 2017, view original version
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Bepin replied

I completely agree with you. I travel from Mumbai to Brussels today (4/01/2018) i asked to stuwar (Tom) for a glass of water while serving breakfast he didn't give me. I asked him AGAIN while he was collecting the garbage again he missed it.
So later I mention to him thanks for the water, he did not even apologise or say sorry, then after 5/10 minutes he brings me a glass of water. Then it was too late
My flight no SN602 - Mumbai to Brussels
Date 04/01/18

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