Very bad customer service!

Review of Clogo about the flight Brussels Airlines between Douala and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 08/09/2016 in Economy
Clogo SN / BEL DLA / CDG

I asked to change my return ticket. After 1h30 on the phone I was informed that it would cost 171€ for the change of ticket. I received another call 1h later informing me that the change would actually cost me 249€, I agreed on paying this amount, insisting with the person on the phone to confirm the cost would be 249€ in total and not 249€+171€. She confirmed. I received later a bill of 130€ for the change of ticket + 290€ for the cost difference, which is equivalent to 249+171€, so 420€, that I would never have accepted to pay!

Since then I have called the after sale service 4 times in 6 open days to ask them to listen to my conversation and correct their mistake. They told me each time that my request is being processed and that they will call me back in the afternoon, which never happened...

With regards to the flight, I had a flight with a terrible crew that looked annoyed at each request and that was being very unskilful - my neighbor got wet with wine&water after the hostess tried to serve him drinks and I got water on my computer too and never got an apology.

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1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
3 / 5
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1 / 5
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Costumer service
1 / 5
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By Clogo, about Brussels Airlines, , close to London, England, United Kingdom
Posted online by Nicolas, on 22 September 2016, view original version
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