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Delays, lost / damaged luggage, terrible customer service

I am amazed at the poor service we received through our entire interaction with this airline. From delayed flights - we were stuck in the plane on...

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Economy BLL - VIE 11/2017
Andrew M.


NEVER FLY BRUSSLES AIRLINES. Lost my brother and my luggage for 6 days I’m Israel. Apparently left it at our original takeoff point in New York. Terrible delayes on the flights. I filed a claim to get reimbursed for essentials purchased while our luggage was lost. Customer relations department only responds over email apparently, no phone calls. Feeling like the money will never be reimbursed. Other friends suitcases had the wheels broken off, luggage tags stolen, and one suitcase was so damaged it wouldn’t zip closed and must have traveled half open the whole way home! When returning home, asked the flight attendant at the check in desk what they could do to insure our bags wouldn’t get lost again. They looked at us and said “would it really be that bad if you bag gets lost for a few days?” EXCUSE ME, you lose your bag for 6 days by an airline that clearly doesn’t care, and see how you feel. I will never fly, nor let anyone I know fly Brussles Airlines ever again.

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Economy JFK - TLV 01/2018

Delayed flight from Brussels for twenty four hours

We were delayed in Brussels for twenty four hours on a flight to Ghana. We were informed by Brussels airlines that Africans will not be given accommodation and we were shown a cold room for all Africans to spend the night on trolleys. Trolleys were put out for all females and males in one large room. The customer service was extremely poor. European and British citizens were taken to hotel rooms but not African Customers. I will leave you to judge for yourself. How would one class such discrimination. I was very ill with flu like symptoms having to spend two days of travelling time waiting to get to my destination. I will never travel with Brussels Airlines.

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Economy LHR - ACC 01/2018 1 reactions


Terrible customer service - my jacket was damaged on the aircraft (chewing gum on the arm rest) and the flight was full so my carry on suitcase had to sit between my legs for the duration of the flight. I originally sent my complaint through their website, but after submitting the form numerous times, I never received a reply or acknowledgement. When I sent my complaint to their CEO Bernard Gustin, his office (An Gysen, Team leader) actually replied and offered to pay compensation for the jacket and asked me to forward my bank details. Since then (seven days) nothing more. No more messages and no more replies to my emails.
Brussels Airline have no concept of customer service at their head office and it really lets the other ares of their business down

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Economy TLV - EDI 11/2017

flight delayed and ZERO customer service - trip ruined

Well I'm not on the flight yet because it's delayed. It's delayed so badly that I'll miss my connection. The Brussels Airlines customer service manager here says "he can't access ongoing flights from Brussels" to my final destination, and he's too busy to talk to me or contact a colleague in Brussels who can do his job for him.

So the instructions I get? Get on the delayed flight when it arrives and hope for the best. Who knows when I will arrive at my destination? The only thing they can tell me is it won't be today.

They refuse to book me onto another airline, so I'm sitting here at the airport, fully expecting to waste ~12 hours each way travelling for a one day trip where I will completely miss the appointment even though I planned to land a day early!

Could it be worse?

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Business TLV - BRU 08/2017

pathetic experience

I was travelling alone and was on an aisle seat. the seats were small and not comfortable. the person sitting next to me almost encroached my seat...

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Economy BOM - BRU 05/2017 2 reactions

The worst flight of my life

I travelled with my 3 month old baby and it was the worst experience of my life ! As i arrived on board with my pram folded as a bag, they took it away from me despite agreeing to it at the desk, without giving me a ticket for it or protect it, I had to verbally fight to get my textile baby carrier on board. Then the cabin crew literally thrown a "gift" on my baby chest while i was breastfeeding. No empathy, no help, no manners. Terrible.

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Economy plus TLS - DME 06/2017
Laetitia Flash M.

Do not recommend

I flew from JFK airport to Brussels airport and was very uncomfortable.

It was very tight and it was hard to plug in earbuds and chargers on the seats.

They also have absolutely terrible customer service. I was on the phone with them trying to extend and the woman was yelling at me telling me it was too late and that I should've called the day before. I called the day before and I had the 6 attempts recorded in my phone but they dismissed it saying that they would've picked up.

Also after trying to reach them, I emailed them that same day that I tried to get through so at least they would see that I tried, and again they dismissed it.They are very hard to reach since they are open only for 3 hours and don't pick up all the time.

I would not recommend this airline to anyone, especially if you need customer service.

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Economy JFK - BRU 05/2017


It was well flown. Landed in one piece etc. However, it was the first leg of a trip to Canada, no food was served and the staff were unsympathetic and disempowered.

I got the impression staff wanted to help more but company policy and culture prevented it. Will not fly with them again if I can help it.

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Economy MAN - BRU 01/2017
Joe P.

Never again !

On the 28th of August I have flown with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Manchester, UK. The flight it self was good. Friendly crew and clean...

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Economy BRU - MAN More than 2 years 2 reactions
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RosaT Delayed flight from Brussels for twenty four hours 1/5
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