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Review of colette M. about the flight Scandinavian Airlines System between Chicago O'Hare and Stockholm Arlanda on 31/07/2018 in Business
colette M. SK / SAS ORD / ARN

Consumer Be Aware! Do not fly SAS - Scandinavian Airlines! My family of four was turned away when we were checking in for our flight on 7/31/18. We had booked this trip 6-9 months in advance and keyed in our passport information. We had 2 refundable tickets and 2 non refundable. My children's passports expire in October and that is why we were turned away. WHY does SAS who has our passport information not help the consumer??

SAS reservations was closed at the time we we checked in as it was a 9 PM flight so there was no one to speak with to discuss our options. We called the next morning and explained what happened as they tried to say we were no shows but then backed off and said they saw some notation. Today we received around $60 on our CC. We paid this airline close to $8000 for this trip. They coded us as a no show and that is how they can STEAL our money. Do not ever fly this airline as they put the blame on us saying it is OUR responsibility to know the passport laws and then they code us as NO SHOW so we get no money on top of this??? You should be ashamed of yourselves SAS - Scandinavian Airlines airlines! #flysas

UPDATE 8/11/18- we paid $1200 to change this reservation once - LOSS 2. we paid $1200 to upgrade our seats a few days before the flight - they claim that is also non-refundable
3. they will charge us another $600 to use the credits on the 2 tickets that we already paid a change fee on once 4. they are charging us $700 to cancel the refundable tickets. Thats $3700 this airline is getting from us just in additional fees!!!!!They never ONCE said they are sorry for this issue only that it is not their fault. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE as they had our passport information for 6-9 months!! This could of been an entirely different customer experience IF they looked out for the customer. THEY DO NOT they just took our money

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By colette M., about Scandinavian Airlines System,
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