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Worst Customer Experience

Consumer Be Aware! Do not fly SAS - Scandinavian Airlines! My family of four was turned away when we were checking in for our flight on 7/31/18. We...

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Business ORD - ARN 07/2018 1 reactions
colette M.

SAS is Just Fine

After reading reviews of SAS I was apprehensive as I had never flown it before and read many negative comments. I travel abroad frequently so, although there are definitely some top notch airlines in the superior category, I had no issues with SAS.The plane was clean, inflight staff friendly, food served was adequate and we experienced no delays on 3 out of 4 legs. Plenty of inflight entertainment. We were in economy and leg roomed was what could be expected for the level. My companion watched 4 movies on the way back! Travel was from Chicago, O'Hare to Athens Greece via plane change in Stockholm Sweden.

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Economy ORD - ATH 03/2018
Molly Jack

Incredibly Inflexible

I booked to fly from Manchester to Arlanda and a couple of months later, due to personal circumstances (I am a doctor and work commitments changed), I had to change my departure city to Edinburgh. I called their customer service 3 times, and though polite, they were completely inflexible about letting me do this.

I was instructed to cancel my booking (no refund of course), and make a new one. One of the girls at least checked with her supervisor (supposedly) about maybe getting my an offer/discount for my new booking, but of course there was no such luck.

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Economy MAN - ARN 03/2018

Crew disaster

Really bad air hostess, impolite, rude with kids, without respects for passenger.

Old fat and ugly air monster... For the rest that was ok, departure and arrival on time.

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Economy CPH - IAD More than 2 years
Piero F.

Not good, no tv disgusting flight

Seating not good in the middle and no tv.

Just boring food not very good.

Landing bumpy temperature very hot.

Luggage 30kg only.

No good flight and no good service.

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Business LHR - ISB More than 2 years

Deceptive About Reserved Paid Seats.

SAS is an airline that, without actually saying so, has all the hallmarks of a low-cost. In particular, you had to pay for drinks on board and for reserved seats. Otherwise, the flights left on time and the comfort and cleanliness were standard.

We reserved seats for three people: the cost was high: 42 euros per person for a Paris-Longyearbyan round trip flight via Oslo. What they didn't tell us that reserved seats aren't guaranteed and so even though we wanted to be together at the front of the plane, we ended up separated in the back.

Of course I e-mailed customer service and requested reimbursement but as of now, three weeks later, I haven't had any response.

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Economy CDG - OSL More than 3 years


This airline is not to be taken for a long flight.

You have no space for your legs and so you can not sleep, almost nothing to drink, the movies all start at the same time so if you fall asleep at the beginning, you lost it.

Almost no choise because there is like 5 or 6 movies.

For a 11 hours flight, it is extremely boring.

I will not take this companie anymore. I have been extremely desappointed.

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Economy CPH - HND More than 3 years 3 views

Pleasant Flight.

A pleasant flight with a flight crew that was helpful and cheerful and smiling. Just as good as Air France. The plane was clean and boarding was...

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Economy CDG - ARN More than 3 years 154 views

Smeared windowpanes...

The overall flight and cabin service was acceptable. I'm flying quite a bit and like to have a window seat in order to shoot pics and admire the...

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Economy LUX - CPH More than 3 years 10 views

Hello to disorganization and delay

We left for Santorini with pathetic organization and a delay of about 45 minutes.

Once on board, we realized that the other passengers had already been on the plane for 15 minutes. Once we had taken off, the cabin attendant, with the help of a list, moved the around while we were in the air. As for me, I ended up alone with my friend in another seat! A super trip! The airline didn't take the trouble to serve us a meal even though it was lunchtime. On the other hand, you had to pull out your Blue Card to be fed. Luckily the coffee was free! On Air France the meal is included and it's cheaper than this airline. Very disappointed!

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Economy JTR - OSL More than 3 years 1 reactions 50 views
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