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Not recommended for a long-haul flight

Direct flight. We were going to visit our children and grandchildren. There was a very professional flight crew, an OK meal (we were going on a trip and not a gourmet outing).

The lack of legroom and especially the narrowness of the seats were very uncomfortable.

My husband was hospitalized at the Dzaoudzi hospital on arrival (pulmonary embolism), a problem that can occur during long-haul flights.

I appreciated (sarcasm) the video explaining some movements to do during the flight, movements, is it useful to point out, were not possible to do since there was no room.

When I returned with my grandson in July, I chose Air Austral.

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Economy MRS - DZA More than 2 years 5 reactions 178 views

Not recommended

Same as the departure flight or maybe worse, since it was a night flight and I can tell you that 8 hours and 30 minutes without sleeping (there was no space) was long . . . very long.
I do not recommend this airline and for my next trip I will make sure to avoid them.

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Economy SDQ - CDG 08/2015 3 reactions 108 views

Worst customer service ever

This is one of those you get what you pay for flights. My company booked this - apparently because it was the most affordable flight - without...

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Reply from the airline
Economy JFK - CDG 06/2015 3 reactions 100 views
Christine K.

An airline to avoid completely

This is a horrible that should be avoided completely. It would be much better to pay a little more than travel with them.

Comfort, quality and service: zero.
Very small seats, straight backs, no curtains next to the toilets, unpleasant staff and an inedible meal if there is a meal. They didn't serve one.

But let's say that that's the price to pay for a low-cost airline. The worst was the quality of their service.

They lost our luggage and made very little effort to find it, they acted like we were liars when we told them that it had important things in it and they owed it to us. They are atrocious. Don't count on them for any goodwill gestures.

I will never, never take this airline again even if they offered, I would refuse.

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Economy CDG - JFK More than 2 years 4 reactions 160 views
Narjès N.

A pleasant surprise (CDG - VRA)

Considering all of the negative reviews, we were pleasantly surprised with this airline. On the departure flight: - Punctual. - The flight...

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Economy CDG - VRA More than 2 years 5 reactions 272 views
marie 72300


No surprises with respect to the trip if not for a huge delay due to the presence of a cyclone in Cuba. We ended up being 5 hours late, but that wasn't the airline's fault.

Really not a very comfortable flight for this distance.

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Economy PUJ - CDG More than 2 years 1 reactions 85 views


Average airline, average staff, average comfort (i.e. mediocre), basic meal and limited punctuality . . .
Basically, don't expect much from this airline. It carries you from one place to another and that's all.

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 2 years 1 reactions 57 views

Pleasantly surprised (CDG - PUJ)

I had some reservations before I set off because of what I'd read on certain forums. The seats weren't very wide and didn't recline much for...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - PUJ More than 2 years 3 reactions 242 views

Not recommended

I paid to reserve seats with space for more comfort.
On the departure flight, an extremely overweight person was sitting next to me, which meant I had only half a seat. The staff didn't help despite my request.

On the return flight a member of the flight crew was very unpleasant even rude.

The service provided was minimal during both of the trips.

A trip to forget. I'll never use this company again.

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Economy CDG - VRA More than 2 years 7 reactions 229 views

Appalling (CDG - CUN)

The size of the seat was punishing for a long-hail flight. There was no individual screen and the meal was mediocre. It was particularly cold on the flight and blankets cost extra. The flight crew was always very concerned.

This was my second trip with XL Airways (previous one was Punta Cana) and this will be the last since I will look at what other airline companies that can be used on my trip.

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Economy CDG - CUN More than 2 years 6 reactions 174 views

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