XL Airways France : Paris Charles De Gaulle - Punta Cana

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Value (price + quality) 3 / 5
Comfort 2 / 5
Costumer service 3 / 5
Your opinion of security 3 / 5
Food 2 / 5
Management of luggage 3 / 5
Comfort 2 / 5
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Average airline, average staff, average comfort (i.e. mediocre), basic meal and limited punctuality . . .
Basically, don't expect much from this airline. It carries you from one place to another and that's all.

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 1 reactions 57 views

Pleasantly surprised (CDG - PUJ)

I had some reservations before I set off because of what I'd read on certain forums. The seats weren't very wide and didn't recline much for...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 242 views

Satisfactory service

Seat: not a lot of room, and some of them didn't seem to be in good condition. It would have been nice to have personal screens too. Entertainment...

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 27 reactions 675 views

It's better with in XL!

This flight was pretty pleasant even though I had expected better. The departure was 20 minutes late but the arrival was on time. The hot meals...

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 5 reactions 180 views


Super trip between Paris and Punta Cana going as well as coming back. Fast check-in and boarding and no problems. All employees very nice and took...

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 4 reactions 279 views

Nothing to say, except

* We were more than 400 passengers at check-in. There were few open counters (3) and a wait of more than one-and-a-half hours. Because of this we...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 270 views

A good airline

A very nice flight on an Airbus A330-200. The seats were rather small for a bigger person, but well…. Unfortunately, to be able to watch the...

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 57 reactions 1,1k views

Pas de problème

Un vol sans problème. Arrivés à CDG , nous avons eu un enregistrement rapide malgré les 408 places dans l'avion. Airbus A 330-300 . Première fois...

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 4 reactions 203 views

Monnaie monnaie

Siège très inconfortable avec peu d'espace pour allonger les jambes.

La télévision était en panne, repas très très basique (pas de viande à l'aller), pas de couverture à l'aller sinon kit payant, boissons payantes, tablettes payantes.

Très déçus.

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 6 views

Satisfaite du vol

Je reviens de Punta Cana.
A'aller et au retour, horaires respectés. Airbus 330, presque 500 personnes. Avion agréable. Repas correct. Personnel disponible. Les autres années je n'étais pas très satisfaite de la place dans l'avion et des repas, il y a une très nette amélioration. Prise disponible pour les appareils.

Je reprendrai cette compagnie. Bonne information en vol. Embarquement et enregistrement assez rapides pour le nombre de personnes. Films et tablettes proposées. Bonne température dans l'avion, couverture pour la nuit.

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Economy CDG - PUJ More than 3 years 2 views

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