Loses your luggage and doesn't look for it!

Review of tzec about the flight XL Airways France between New York Jfk and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 27/06/2013 in Economy
tzec SE / XLF JFK / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

I took the airline XL Airways to return from New York JFK last month. On arrival, my luggage wasn't there and, in the following days, after making many calls, nobody was able to tell me where my bag was located. They told me there was a 'team searching for it' and confirmed that they had sent emails to the baggage handling service in New York. After 10 days XL Airways asked me to complete a list with the inventory of what was inside my suitcase, and to provide receipts so that they could reimburse me. Without any receipts, the reimbursement would be 20 euros a kilo (less than a kilo of ceps !)

I asked if they'd called the airport, but XL Airways informed me that a phone call wasn't part of their procedure and the only means of communication they use is email as they did not wish to subscribe to software such as WorldTracer which can track luggage.

Using my own means, I managed to find the number of the baggage handling service at JFK and, after calling them, they found my bag in 2 minutes and sent it back to me. So I found my suitcase 17 days after landing, and XL Airways started the process of reimbursing me without ever really starting to look for my bag.

If I hadn't called JFK, I would never have got my bag back ! XL Airways did not consider that the inconvenience I suffered merited some sort of compensation.
So I've concluded that it's more profitable for XL to reimburse you for a lost bag than to look for it. I had to deal with incompetent staff and I won't ever use that airline again in future ! It isn't expensive, to be sure, but if there's a problem then you're on your own. If you want to know the number of the baggage handling service in New York, I can let you have it.

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By tzec, about XL Airways France, , close to Maurepas, Île-de-France, France
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 30 July 2013
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XL Airways France replied Translate

Dear customer, your comments have been taken into account. And we regret the disappointment that you might have felt on one of our flights. The specific claims are processed by the customer relationship service entirely dedicated to provide the best possible response to any individual problem. To be sure that our team can best deal with your request, please fill out the contact form: http://www.xl.com/en/contact.cfm . Have a nice day.

allen.m replied

I am having the exact same problem with XL Airways presently. Their baggage handling contractor number goes to a third party call center that is useless and whose operators seem to have been trained in running people in circles. Would love to have the JFK baggage phone number.

qman_15 replied

Did anyone get the name of the baggage service at jfk? Same thing is happening to me right now, from jfk to cdg. Nightmare. No answers from xl or the research service. It’s a shame too because I enjoyed my flight but after this, I’m not sure I will book xl again

Gullie replied Translate


Je suis dans le même cas de figure que vous... malgré de nombreux appels auprès de XL Airways cela ne donne rien. Pourriez vous me communiquer le numéro du service de bagages de JFK ? Merci par avance pour votre retour !!

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