Review of Gomez14 about the flight XL Airways France between San Francisco and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 24/07/2017 in Economy
Gomez14 SE / XLF SFO / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

If you are tempted to fly with this airline because of the wonderful price....DO NOT DO IT. The flight out to Paris was wonderful. The plane was empty so everyone had there own row to relax. The troubles didn't start till we arrived in Paris.

1st : on our flight to Paris they lost our babies car seat.

2nd: when we went to check in today the lady at the counter was really rude and unfriendly. We handed her 5 passports. Three for adults and two children. We had 4 bags to check in a stroller and we had our 2 year olds car seat. We have a double stroller for our ten month old and two year old. I was holding our ten month old and our two year old was sleeping in the stroller.

In San Francisco they put stickers on all three pieces because the stroller breaks down into three pieces. When we told her that the stroller did that she rolled her eyes and said really.

Then when we tried to check in our two year olds car seat she said nope you can't take it, or you have to pay for it. When I explained they hadn't charged us for it in San Francisco she said well that is San Francisco. I then told her how does that make sense because it's the same airline and said it doesn't have to make sense to you. She then also called the airline and they said we had to pay 50€ for the seat. She told us we had to go to a separate counter to pay then come back to her.
As we were leaving she said wait let me put the airline stickers on the stroller. As she was putting the sticker on one of the pieces she noticed our daughter and said oh you have another child and we said um yea we have you her passport in which she then said oh you don't have to pay anymore. Instead of apologizing she just said your finished.

3rd thing we upgraded to seats 4 thinking they would be wonderful seats because of our previous flight. But the seats had less space than before! They were so uncomfortable! Especially having a twenty pound baby on your lap.

4th thing there was a section in front of us nobody knew was available. When I finally got the attention again of a stewardess the doors were being closed and she said that I needed to go to the gate to pay. I said well is there any other way and she told me no she's forbidden from selling them in flight. What kind of airline charges for everything other than water coffee and tea but wont let you buy up a seat? There were 8 seats open! Those seats remained open all flight!

5th thing our ten month old was walking back and forth in front of our seats holding onto the seats. We didn't notice but there was a ashtray in our daughters seat. In it was trash with liquid and food. It stuck and was disgusting. Our son put his small hand in it! When I asked the stewardess to do something about it she said you think it's my problem? I said to her I am not saying you own the airplane but your the only one who's really able to do anything because you have the access to things to clean it. She rolled her eyes at me. 6 minutes later another stewardess came with gloves and took out the trash and in the process got liquid on us and said there I got everything and I told her no what about the liquid? She went and got a napkin dabbed and said there I am done and walked away.

6th thing for a couple hours service was non existent. We were trying to make a bottle for our ten month old so he could sleep and we pushed the service button but nobody came for 30 minutes.

I am so horrified with the service and the people. I am not a high maintenance individual but I expect people not to give me attitude like that. XL Airways France lost my future business.

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By Gomez14, about XL Airways France, , close to San Ramon, California, United States, via its phone
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