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Pleasant Surprise

This was my first flight with this airline and I was pleasantly surprised. Check-in, punctual, flawless, with no problems, 5min (the plane was...

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Economy BZV - JNB More than 3 years 8 views


This airline meets the essential requirements for security, with clean and recent planes. However, on the return flight there was a two-hour wait, just to change crews!

The selection of films in French was minimal, everything was in English. The flight crew was unpleasant, and had a peculiarity that I've never seen before: they served the drinks well before the meals, and never with them.

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Economy MUC - JNB More than 3 years

Long-haul transcontinental flight

Night flight with dinner on board. The plane, a relatively recent Airbus A330-200, was at least 60% full. I had a good seat during the flight...

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Economy JNB - DKR More than 3 years 3 reactions 21 views
Jean-Michel M.

Good price but bad catering

I flew direkt from JNB to MUC after 1 week holiday in South Africa.
Plane is old, but clean and in good condition, the IFE is small and bad quality but I succed to see Invictus movie with no trouble.
The crew was nice and attentive, but the catering is low quality and in low quantity.
Only the fruit juices and wines are decent quality.
I recommend SAA for their cheap price, good time of flight but not for the catering.

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Economy JNB - MUC More than 3 years 1 reactions 7 views

Good value for money

I flew SAA for 1 week holidays in South Africa, I paid only 630 euros for this direct flight go and back. The plane was a A340-600, 10years old but in good shape and clean.

I had two seats for me, because the plane was only 70% full. The pitch is generous (better than Emirates or AF), the screen was working well despite that it quite small and software is quite slow.

There is good choice of movies and series in French, English, German and Chinese.

The food for the dinner was ok despite the small quantity. Concerning the breakfast, I didn't choose and got the cold option, that was quite poor quality...

The flight was on time and the steward that took care of me was nice.

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Economy MUC - JNB More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

Very good flight

I checked in online on SA’s website on the eve of the flight, but there was no way of receiving the boarding pass on my cell phone (no 3G network in...

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Business VFA - JNB More than 3 years 4 reactions 23 views

Good flight

This was a short internal flight between Cape Town and Johannesburg. I had no prior experience of this airline, and their service was impeccable and the food very good. I was pleasantly surprised! The temperature was good onboard and the cabin crew were extremely cheerful, ensuring I had an enjoyable journey. The two hours of the flight almost passed too quickly! ;)
I recommend this well-priced airline.

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Economy CPT - JNB More than 3 years 3 reactions 4 views

Beef or Cow? Vous êtes un passager très exigeant

Vol de 4h en B737. Après les formalités usuelles, au check-in business puis au contrôle commun (pas d'accès prioritaire à MRU), le vol commence...

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Business MRU - JNB More than 3 years 14 reactions 78 views
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