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Used bus instead of plane, no food, no rerouting, no support

This is the worst airline I've ever used!!! I was flying from Bucharest to NYC via Belgrade. My first flight landed in Timisoara (TMR), a small city...

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Economy OTP - BEG 01/2020

Worst Experience ever

Worst experience ever, very bad and inexperienced staff, they made us pay for our extra baggage for a second time knowing that we have already paid for them, we couldn't do anything because they kept denying and we didn't want to miss our plane and have to stay in this horrible city for any other day. In addition, they gave us seats 9 rows far from each other! The airplane was overloaded, it was really not a safe flight and we didn't even find a place to put our handbag; the food is very disgusting, we couldn't eat it. And I also have to mention that it was delayed in both ways for minimum 40 minutes. In conclusion, it's surely the worst airline you may ever fly with.

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Economy OTP - BEY 07/2019

Ignored us with 2kids

If you run into problems like we are right now dont expect them to do something. Our first leg of a connecting flight is delayed and we will surely miss 2nd leg and there are no more flights same day for 2nd leg today. Called call centre and was told they will offer another connecting flight which means I will have to do 3 flights in 1day with 2kids aged 2 and 6. The rep from call centre was rude and simply did not care. Avoid this company and use a proper company unless you want to get into same situations. Now they simply do not answer any calls, I am sure they do this on purpose, Shame on you Tarom

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Economy KIV - OTP 08/2018

Nothing to say about this flight

A good flight at every stage. There was minimal comfort but it was good enough for a one-hour flight.
The flight crew was cheerful.
Good food.
Good baggage handling although the baggage claim (return flight to Bucharest) was especially long.

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Economy OTP - IAS More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

Very disappointed

I got off of a connecting flight from Istanbul and the stop only lasted 45 minutes.
I left plane and arrived at customs where the security apparatus was broken. They looked through my things before putting them through the scanner and they made me throw out a bottled that I'd just bought since it hadn't been sealed (The Istanbul airport hadn't told me).

I boarded the same plane as my previous flight (they have a fleet of 4 A318s).
The food on board was limited to a sandwich. The flight crew was pretty nice and the plane was not badly laid out. Unfortunately when I got to Paris I had the unhappy surprise of learning that my suitcase had stayed in Romania. I hope that I'll get it back soon . . .

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Economy OTP - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 5 views


I left on an Airbus A318 for a flight to Paris via Bucharest. The plane was nice and clean enough. The legroom was sufficient but there were no...

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Economy IST - OTP More than 3 years 2 reactions 11 views

Disappointing for a national airline

The crew on this flight didn't prevent passengers from checking in even though the plane had broken down.

We remained jammed in the customer area for 13 hours waiting for its replacement.
The crew had left to wait in a more comfortable place.
I would just like to have had the choice to postpone my departure using the same information that they received.

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Economy NCE - OTP More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

Bonne compagnie

Embarquement rapide et départ à l'heure.
Nous sommes arrivés avec 10 minutes d'avance sur l'horaire prévu.
L'avion était très propre et avait l'air récent.
Repas chaud servi (vol de 13h10 arrivant à 15h30 à Paris) un peu léger mais normal pour une classe éco.
Personnel aimable même si aucun ne parlait le français.
J'ai pu ainsi changer de place sans problème.
Il donne aux enfants présents dans l'avion de quoi les occuper (coloriage, etc...)
Le salon de l'aéroport de Bucarest est bien : on trouve une très grande variété de yaourts entre autres.

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Economy OTP - CDG 08/2019

Très bien

Accueil correct (normal) dans l'avion par les membres de l'équipage.

Départ avec un peu de retard (comme d'habitude sur Charles de Gaulle).

Vol de 2h50 sans turbulences majeures. Le repas a été bon, au dessus de la moyenne sur cette ligne (repas chaud ! il n'y a qu'eux qui le font sur les vols de moins de 3 heures !).

Les hôtesses ont été très sympathiques. J'ai voyagé avec mon fils de moins de 2 ans et elle ont tout fait pour que notre vol se passe bien, allant jusqu'à préparer la table à linger quand elles m'ont vu aller avec le petit pour le changer.

Atterrissage en douceur, enfin, atterrissage normal, quoi. Et à l'heure (le retard a été rattrapé).

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Economy CDG - OTP More than 3 years
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