Horrible and Cruel

Review of JEC about the flight Royal Jordanian between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur on 29/01/2020 in Economy plus

I would like to review the flight itself, but Royal Jordanian prevented me from boarding it, even though I had a paid ticket. My offense was that I am a handicapped senior citizen.

I suffer from emphysema, a lung disease that makes breathing difficult. So I use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, a small laptop machine that gives me concentrated oxygen inhaled through my nostrils.

My POC has been certified as compliant with the United States' Federal Aviation Administration standards, and is commonly used by people with my condition. Besides the POC, I was carrying with me a letter from my doctor confirming my need to use it.

Royal Jordanian absolutely refused to let me board the two-hour flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. I even offered not to use the POC during this short flight, and the answer was still no. The woman who denied me then bragged that just the night before, she had refused to let another physically disabled passenger fly, for the same reason. It was apparent to me that she was enjoying the fact that she was turning passengers away. She told me that I should go to Malaysian Airlines at a counter on the opposite side of the terminal. Walking any considerable distance is very difficult for me, but I did it -- only to find that she'd directed me to the wrong place.

I had asked the Royal Jordanian official three times to identify herself, and three times she refused.

I ended up having to buy a one-way ticket on another airline, on short notice, for nearly $400. I don't know if I'll ever be reimbursed for the ticket I'd bought on Royal Jordanian. And I've since seen another account by a handicapped passenger who was badly treated by Royal Jordanian. In that case, they lost his wheelchair and were doing nothing about it.

I urge anyone who has feelings for those of us who are disabled to avoid patronizing Royal Jordanian Airlines. We are living in 2020, not the Middle Ages.

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By JEC, about Royal Jordanian,
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