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Horrible and Cruel

I would like to review the flight itself, but Royal Jordanian prevented me from boarding it, even though I had a paid ticket. My offense was that I...

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Economy plus BKK - KUL 01/2020 2 reactions

The worest experince of my 30 years travel history

As an early morning flight, could not sleep well and four hours waiting in transit at Amman Airport. Just 40 minutes before the departure time, the staff came to the waiting lounge and asked us to go to the other lounge as they wanted to setup some screening process. I politely asked the staff if the flight was going to be late, the rudely pronounced answer was foolishly, “No”. I again asked them that if was the protocol fir the Heathrow flight, why didn’t they set it up 2 hours ago? They had no answer. I believed that it was some training session as there were some uniformed officers watching the staff.
I had never such a disgusting flight experience where the live flight board still shows the flight is at 11:20qm whereas the time is nearly 11:30am. Will definitely avoid in future.

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Economy AMM - LHR 03/2019 2 reactions

the worst company

So far this the worst company I have ever dealt with as they have rescheduled the flight 6 hours earlier without informing lots of passengers and I was one of them.

When I called them they claimed that they have informed the travel agent and they have said the same to the other passengers in the same situation but through different travel agents and none of them was aware.

They failed to find any solution or alternative flight and they are even refusing to refund the money and saying that they will need to deduct cancellation charges.

I really advise everybody to avoid dealing with this company.

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Economy SSH - DXB More than 2 years

Very good!

This flight to Bangkok involved an eight-hour wait in Amman on the outbound leg and a one hour forty-five minute wait on the return leg.

The flight itself went very well. The plane was equipped with screens offering a good choice of films and music as well as a phone charging socket. The onboard service and the meals were also highly satisfactory. I can't comment with respect to the amount of legroom because I'm very short.

We had a pleasant surprise on the outbound leg because they paid for a hotel for us to spend the eight-hour wait in! Furthermore, it was a nice hotel!

Overall, everything went well.

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Economy CDG - BKK More than 3 years 4 reactions 226 views


Good food: I got a meal food but not enough space for 12 hours. I got hit by all people who were walking on the flight... They should put more space for the flight if it is specially really long yeah that is a brand new plane(787) but what is the point if the cabin is bad specially in the middle section(EFG)? Also the landing was terrible they arrived really fast to get that hard touch down but that is a brand new type of plane they need experience... Also the take off was good

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Economy YUL - AMM More than 3 years 1 reactions 17 views
Thierry J.

Very good (YUL - AMM)

Superior service and an obliging flight crew. The food was worthy of first class, even though we were in economy class. The flight went well overall...

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Economy YUL - AMM More than 3 years 7 reactions 345 views

Close to a horror!

This Airbus Paris/Amman and Amman/Paris shuttle was a nightmare, worthy of the worst charter airlines. It wasn't on time in either direction, the seats were really close, and they were small and very old in both business and economy class. The flight crew was barely civil (they spoke only Arabic and English), questionable cleanliness. Air France is a much better choice.

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Economy CDG - AMM More than 3 years 2 reactions 290 views


Very nice Paris-Bangkok flight on business class. The crew was very pleasant and available. The service on board was great. We have already flown three times with this airline to the same destination. The stop in Amman was a little lengthy, but the airport has been entirely renovated and the lounges are comfortable. Their business class prices are very competitive.

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Business CDG - BKK More than 3 years 6 reactions 437 views
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Atxboi78 Royal Jordanian Airline Is The Worst Airline EVER!! 1/5
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