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All fine

Pleasantly surprised!

After reading all this bad reviews I was really nervous to fly with this airline.

Flight both ways was on time, staff very friendly, 15kg bag included in the price, reasonable prices on board and I only paid £58 return ticket!

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Economy LGW - PRG More than 3 years

Three-hour Delay and a Dive Landing.

One whole day at the airport for a 1-hour flight is a lot, but it was a charter flight.

The plane was a Boeing 737 carrying only French passengers but not a single member of the crew spoke French. Even the inaudible messages from the pilot were in very, very fast English.

As compensation for the delay they gave us a €6 per person restaurant voucher to use at the airport and a glass on water on board.

The flight went well.

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Economy OLB - LYS More than 3 years

Pleasant Airline.

Fast check in. Takeoff was on time.
Normal seat size. However, pleasant surprise: they handed out free coffee, tea or water on both the departure and return flights.

On the return flight on May 28, they had a screen with information about the flight.

We travel regularly on flights chartered by tour operators but it's been a long time since we've seen an airline with free refreshments.

The flight crew didn't speak French, only English, but that wasn't a problem.

This was the first time that we took this airline but I would recommend it.

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Economy CDG - ACE More than 3 years 1 reactions 9 views

Shocking customer service

My friend booked our flights with this company, not realizing that my travel documents haven't been changed since I got married. Once we realized I called the company to change my name.

I understand their policy for not allowing a name change to another customer but please explain to me why it's not possible to correct an error in a passenger's name ! If the name was accidentally misspelled would they also refuse and tell you to buy another flight ! Their "customer service" operator had a shocking attitude on the phone, patronising and really unhelpful. Absolutely disgusting service !

I ended up having to buy a new ticket for the same return flight. Journey there was fine, journey back was delayed by 45 mins as the crew forgot to obtain all documents for the flight so we had to turn the plane around.

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Economy LGW - PRG More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

Without a problem

I was surprised by the service on this flight. It was on time and the in-flight magazine was really interesting... There was no problem with check-in at the airport and the flight attendants were friendly... No complaints!

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Economy VAR - PRG More than 3 years 1 reactions

Excellent round trip Nantes-Lanzarote flights

After having traveled with numerous airlines of many nationalities, I traveled on SmartWings for the first time.
Family of 4 people, "charter" flight, easy check-in with 4 pieces of checked luggage and 4 carry-ons, no discussion. We chose a group of seats at the front (3A-3B-4A-4B), of a Boeing 737-800, full, with comfortable leather seats and plenty of space.

Both takeoffs were exactly on time (up to the minute) and arrivals were before the projected time. There was an LCD screen with a flight tracker, information about distance, temperature, arrival time, etc. Pleasant Czech/Anglophone flight crew who understood French. There was the opportunity to purchase a choice of 2 tasty sandwiches for € 4 each.

The aircraft was clean and in good shape. The takeoffs were normal and the great landings earned applause.
In short, a high grade of 10/10 for a charter flight bought with a hotel from Promovacances.

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Economy NTE - ACE More than 3 years 1 reactions 55 views
les iles

An excellent airline

Nantes-Lanzarote roundtrip flight- departure on 8/22/15 and return on 8/29/15. the plane was a full Boeing 737-800 with leather seats and a very punctual takeoff (up to the minute).

The Czech/English-speaking flight crew was friendly and could understand French well. The flight was faster than expected. A small LCD screen let you follow the flight's progression and see the temperature, arrival time, etc.

In short, a great airline!

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Economy NTE - ACE More than 3 years 15 views
les iles

Pay for what you get

Left over over an hour late. Apart from that they were ok. But that said if you're prepared to have delays on your flight, you might as well fly with EasyJet and pay less money.

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Economy LGW - PRG More than 3 years 1 reactions 5 views

A perfect flight with Air Travel Service

The flight was on time and the plane was clean and new. Until now I have only traveled on Air France because I have a fear of flying, but I was...

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Economy LYS - OLB More than 3 years 7 reactions 373 views
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