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Value (price + quality) 4 / 5
Comfort 4,05 / 5
Costumer service 4,23 / 5
Your opinion of security 4,5 / 5
Food 3,89 / 5
Management of luggage 4,02 / 5
Comfort 4,05 / 5
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yellowpass The 787 is amazing. . . A little . . . But no more 3/5
LP88 Qatar Airways - terrible customer service 1/5
Opinions about Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways - terrible customer service

Please think twice about flying with Qatar Airways. I have had a truly awful customer service experience with them. I intentionally missed a flight...

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Economy LHR - DOH 04/2016 9 views

Not the greatest airline

The flight was pretty good overall: the crew was nice, there were a lot of movies and the meal and snack were very good. The negative points: we were 3 couples and it was impossible for us to sit where we wanted, i.e., 2 by 2.
The plane was delayed, with no explanation or excuse while we had planned on taking a train.

There was a 10-hour layover with no services. According to Qatar, we hadn't paid enough for our ticket.

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Economy BKK - AMS 08/2015 2 reactions 64 views

Great flights but long when you add the layover in Doha (7h35min layover)

The flights were on recent planes (A380 and Boeing 787).
Very attentive crew.
Good meal (no alcohol because of Ramadan).
Punctual on both the departure and return flight.
Great landing on the return flight. The A380's pilot was French (Mr. L***ne) and a little chauvinistic.

JJ and BB

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Economy CDG - HKT 07/2015 43 views

Good flight

The flight was good. It has proper amenities. The air hostesses were kind and polite. The toilet was clean. Cabin temperature was pretty good neither too cold not too warm just enough to keep oneself comfortable. The food was the only thing I did not like. It was very bland. The take off was smooth and the landing was good too. The messages from the cabin were at regular intervals. It was altogether a good experience

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Economy BLR - CDG 05/2015

A very pleasant flight

My flight to Hanoi had two layovers: one in Doha and the other one in Bangkok. The ground and flight crews were pleasant, cheerful and friendly. I've never had so much space economy class and the meals were better than those on a lot of other airlines. In short, a nice flight with a good airline.

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Economy CDG - HAN 07/2015 4 reactions 94 views

The 787 is amazing. . . A little . . . But no more

I was curious to see the 787. From the outside it's a beautiful aircraft. I'm not a fan of the la configuration 3+3+3 configuration especially when...

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Economy DOH - SIN 06/2015 24 reactions 332 views


There was less legroom onboard the A330-300 than the A340-600. Otherwise, the screen and entertainment were identical. The cabin crew was still just...

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Economy DOH - HKT More than 2 years 2 reactions 78 views

Today I'm testing QR's A380!

Excellent first impressions from the moment I got on board. The interior was new and the screens were large with touchscreen displays. The space...

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Economy DOH - CDG More than 2 years 41 reactions 637 views

A top-notch business class

This is about the main flight segment between Bali and Doha via Singapore. I don’t think there are ever bad surprises with Qatar Airways. The...

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Business SIN - DOH More than 3 years 20 reactions 207 views

Very interesting cabin crew!

This flight was identical in every respect to the preceding one (QR944 on 01/02/2014 – an additional leg of a long-haul flight), with the same...

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Business DPS - SIN More than 3 years 8 reactions 213 views

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