awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service

Review of momo22 about the flight Ukraine International Airlines between Tel Aviv and Kiev Borispol on 09/01/2020 in Economy
momo22 PS / AUI TLV / KBP

I would like to tell about awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service.
in the IVR ( when you are calling, you have option to choose) option number 4 is to do "check in".
As Im speaking English I've chose first the option number 3 for English, and after option number 4 for the "check in".
First conversation, some lady answered in Russian ( even after i chose the option for English service). I asked if she is speaking English, she said something and hang up the phone on my face!.
I tried to call again...
*Anton agent number 5 answered.*
i told him my request to make "check in" ( first I've asked him if possible to upgrade seat to business with miles. he said not possible.
after I've asked him to make for me the check in. I gave him the panorama club number,
he told me that in order to make the check it, he need the ticket number and I didnt has it in that time,
I've asked him to locate it base on the panorama club. he said, ok, and ask me to wait, after few minutes, he told me that he can do the check in ONLY if ill provide him the ticket number,
I told him again that I dont have it and to locate it base on name and panorama number, *he said ok and he will do it*
after few more moments he told me again to give him the ticket number.
look like or he didnt understand me, or just didnt listening to me.
I asked him to escalate the conversation to manager.
he said up to 30 min manager will call me.
after some time the manager called me.
*Vadim agent number 5*
I told Vadim that i want to make check in with him, *he said not a problem*, and ask me to give him the ticket number ( in that time i already has the number).
I gave it to him, he asked me few verification questions, and told me that he CANT make the check it, but if i need he can guide me on UIA website,
I told him that I dont need him to guide me, I need him to help me to make the check in from his side,
he said that he is not allow.
I asked him so why you said that you will do and you asked me the ticket number, he said to check.
I told him that in the phone number (IVR) there is option number 4 - to make check in - he said that he dont know about it.
I asked him to call by himself and to check, he said that he is speaking with me and he dont have another phone.
he refuse to provide any kind of service, and told me that if i want to complain i can send email.
i asked to escalate it to higher manager and he refuse!
For my opinion he was not a manager,
If it was look like that Agent number 1 didnt listening to me, Vadim as manager refuse to give me any kind of service. and show me the "way out and didnt want to talk to me"
Im flying with UIA every month 2-3 times in a month!
this is not the first time that im getting this kind of service from UIA costumer service,
another case, because of website issue, I couldnt buy ticket, but UIA charged my card (800 UAH) it was last year.
on the phone they told me that they cant help me and i need to send email ( i have all the mailing) in the email I've been told that ill get refund within 3 month. almost 1 year pass, and I didnt got anything!
Only because of the costumer service Im really thinking not to fly any more with UIA!!!!
thinking to make a civil lawsuit.

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