Never fly with Ukraine Airline. They traumatized me leaving abandoned for 12 hours in the terminal

Review of Sara4234 about the flight Ukraine International Airlines between Yerevan and London Gatwick on 26/05/2019 in Economy
Sara4234 PS / AUI EVN / LGW

I made a complaint to Ukraine Airlines on May 30. They were meant to answer in 3 months, but I have not received any response from them despite my follow up. I am forwarding you the text of my traumatizing connecting flight with UA. Please never ever fly with them.

My flight from Yerevan to Kyiv PS614, 26 May 2019 15:30 was delayed for 3 hours therefore I missed my connecting flight from Kyiv to London, 26 May 2019 ,PS113, 20:05. I arrived in Kyiv at around 8:30 pm. Since there are only 2 flights from Kyiv to London and considering that the next flight was next morning, passengers were given hotel rooms and transfers. However, as that I did not hold a British passport I would need a visa to exit the airport which they refused to apply for, thus, I was forced to stay at the airport terminal for 12 long hours. I was not given a lounge, was disrespected and just abandoned for 12 hours in the middle of Kyiv terminal.

Ukraine airline employees were very disrespectful. Upon arriving at Ukraine, I was first told to wait for almost two hours for the new shift -who I was told would solve the issue- to start work. I sat there for 2 hours for the new lady to start work. To my surprise, she acted as if she couldn’t understand English and just asked me to follow her around for 20 minutes. They treated me like a criminal taking me up and down the floors and refisung to tell me what was happening. They forced me to recheck my bags, stamped my passport without explaining the situation and all of a sudden without any explanation they abandoned me in the terminal. When I asked how they expected me to sleep in the terminal during the night she just said ‘sorry there is nothing we can do’. They treated me as if I was a person who had illegally entered their country. I was humiliated and disrespected and was forced to spend 12 hours inside the terminal.

My body ached for being forced to try to sleep on a row of inconvenient seats in the middle of a busy Kyiv terminal. I wasn’t even given a blanket. I wasn’t given a lounge. Nothing! The terminal was cold, and very noisy and different announcements were constantly being made through the speakers. In addition to the very uncomfortable seats, since I had my passport, laptop and my belongings all with me in my cabin bag, I was so scared that they would easily be stolen if I do manage to sleep.

Ukraine airline should take responsibility for their disrespectful behaviour, for their mismanagement, for abandoning me in the terminal without providing me a lounge. I was only given a dinner voucher. Although my flight was 9 in the morning, they didn’t even bother to give me a breakfast voucher. Why would they? It’s Ukraine Airlines!

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By Sara4234, about Ukraine International Airlines,
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