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lost luggage every time!!!

My name is Aleksandra. I bought a ticket from UIA (Mexico City-Toronto-Kiev on July 9, 2018) and back (Kiev-Toronto-Mexico City on September 19...

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Economy KBP - MEX 09/2018 1 reactions

The worst airlines!

Ukrainian airlines review First of all they gave one seat to 3 different guys ! I guess thats ok , it could happen in any airlines but 3 individuals...

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Economy JFK - KBP 08/2018
Antonio perelman

Worst airline i've ever travelled with

On June 23rd we flew from Budapest to Odessa, having to change in Kiev, where our flight was delayed. The big shock was arriving at Budapest airport...

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Economy ODS - BUD 06/2018 3 reactions

No response for almost four months

My flight NY-Kyiv was delayed in last moment with no explanation. I had to find hotel in NY City in the middle of the night. It cost me $220. I wrote to UIA customer service twice asking for refund, but didn't get any response at all during almost four months. I tried to call to this company, but their associate told me they don't discuss any problems over the phone. They can do it only online and it takes up to 90 days. She confirmed that they got my letter and asked me to wait a few days for response. But I never heard anything back from this company. It was the worst service I ever had, and I will never use this company again.

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Economy JFK - KBP 07/2017


I will not comment about the bad services of the airlines since you can read lots of reviews about this. My complaint is more about the insufficient management and indifference of the cabin crew against an uncomfortable situation created by passengers. On 15th of september I flied from NY to Kiev in a plane full of Hasidic rabbis who are extremely unrespectful people, they were not sitting at their place, gathering at the exit gate to pray where I was sitting,walking around continuously, singing as if it was their private plane. They were still standing still and getting their cabin bagage while we were landing! The problem is that the crew did not seem any interest to manage the situation, except one lady to whom I asked to take control but she was too delicate to warn them so I had to argue with these people for 10 hours because they were jeopardising our safety standing at the exit gate, disturbing me by continuously passing in front me, making rumour and didn't let me sleep. THIS COMPANY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE COMFORT OR SAFETY OF THEIR PASSENGERS. SPEECHLESS!

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Economy JFK - IEV 09/2017

Lack of service

To begin with the online check in doesn't make much sense.
When you book a seat you would be able to check in 14 days before departure. We managed to do so for the flight to our destination, but it seemed impossible for the return flight, even less than 14 days before this flight. When calling the UIA srvice desk and asking for an explanation they couldn't give a straight answer, and the employee never came back to me after she left me hanging on the phone to do some further inquiries of her own. The second time I called I got some b.s. explanation. Checking in for the return flight isn't possible before making your flight to your destination because in case you wouldn't make the first flight you would already be checked in for the return flight which you are not going to make... Like I said, b.s!!!

The flight itself had a delay of an hour, and asking a stewardess for the reason you don't get an answer but just a stupid smile.

Half the flights we made with UIA were delayed, and when having another option we wouldn't fly with them.

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Economy HRK - KBP 08/2017

Denied boarding due to airline ignorant of visa requirements. What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

These have got to be animals running this airline.

There is no ethical, professional or moral code attached to these heartless employees and workers of UIA. Boarding from Ukraine International Airlines to Milan to connect to another flight to Casablanca on July 6, 2017, was refused due to a bogus visa issue.

The Italian Embassy had told me I don’t need a transit visa. They also referred me to the European Union Visa code.

How can I resolve this with immediate effect?!

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Economy KBP - MXP 07/2017

An awry experience

A strange experience. I left 2 stars only cause they got me to my destination. Unable to make payment online, I was asked several times to pay over...

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Economy LGW - PEK 05/2017 3 reactions

Gridy bastards

To be short, my ticket did not include the luggage.

1. Paid 25 EUR in the airport of Amsterdam, but UIA ripped me off 50 EUR in the airport of Kiev on my flight back to Amsterdam.

2. They said that 48 hours before the flight there was a possibility to pay cheaper the luggage, but they do not inform their clients about it nor by e-mail, neither by SMS, so how would you know?

3. The flight quality is ALWAYS low, too hot, too dirty, very uncomfortable seats (sure enough gotta stuff the plain as much as they can to get more of it).

4. The call centre service serves anything but their clients

Never again, even though I am Ukrainian. I do advice everyone to use other companies and will definitely do it myself.

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Economy KBP - AMS 02/2017 1 reactions

Great flight! Especially considering the low price!

The non-stop service from NYC to Kiev is a great price and perfectly harmless (as far as international flying goes). It gets you into Kiev in the late afternoon (similarly, the opposite direction gets you into NYC in the afternoon), which is good for getting acclimated to the new time zone.

Ticket counter employees were nice on me even though I had a larger-than-regulation carry-on (they let it on for free).

The airplane was a normal Western 767 jet, no Russian garbage, and while there was no in-flight entertainment (other than looking at the pretty flight attendants, who were several cuts above the usual American ones), who cares when you can sleep or use your own phone/computer?

Overall, you can't beat the pricing, especially since you can order 1-way tickets for half the cost of roundtrip (whereas most companies greedily charge 75% or more).

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Economy JFK - KBP More than 2 years
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