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Cairo-Kiev-Gatwick. 15th Jan 2020 absolutely disgusting airline. staff were horrendously rude to a few other passengers who calmly questioned the...

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Economy CAI - KBP 02/2020

awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service

I would like to tell about awful service that I've got from UIA costumer service. in the IVR ( when you are calling, you have option to choose)...

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Economy TLV - KBP 01/2020

Never fly with Ukraine Airline. They traumatized me leaving abandoned for 12 hours in the terminal

I made a complaint to Ukraine Airlines on May 30. They were meant to answer in 3 months, but I have not received any response from them despite my...

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Economy EVN - LGW 05/2019


UIA is the worst airline you will ever come across to. I was trying to fly back home from Kiev to New York City after a two week visitation. I was HARASSED & DEMANDED TO PAY 300EUROS AT TIME OF BOARDING THE PLANE FOR NO REASON!! I refused to pay since the gate agents couldn't tell me the reason for what I had to pay!! So they didnt like it & I got DENIED to FLY!! My mom who was traveling with me as well got DENIED to fly for NO REASON at all! I submitted a complaint form. I got a response stating their rules laws of which I hadn't broken any!!! They trying to cover up their UNLAWFULNES!! I tried to get compensation for the money I lost for purchasing new tickets,but justice with UIA is NOT found! I decided to post my story on facebook.. & guess what?! They kept deleting it.. after reposting it 5 times I am trying to get my story out other ways! Tell EVERYONE you know to STAY AWAY!! Save yourself your money,time,& stress!!

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Economy KBP - JFK 05/2019


Airline website seems designed to foil you. Staff are scammers and will take your money

On-line boarding pass is available on the outward journey but for the return the website “locked up” and prevented us from retrieving the passes.

At the check in desk we were told we had to pay 15 euros EACH to get passes printed. They would not take payment at the desk and directed us to a non-existent ticket office to settle it. Not knowing what else to do we arrived at the gate and explained. They demanded cash. When we offered it they took it and one member ran off with it to “check all is OK”. No receipt, nothing. He literally ran away.

We were then told everything is OK and we can board. Still no receipt.

This is corruption and extortion, plain and simple. Crooked airline, crooked staff.

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Economy KBP - LGW 05/2019

Never Ever Think about Flying with UIA

The most terrible Airline I've ever seen. Other than not serving anything (Even Water and Tea, you have to pay for everything), We have tried to...

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Economy YYZ - IKA 02/2019 9 reactions
Amir G.

Please Never ever board UIA (Ukraine International Airlines). Respect yourself !

Fist of all : very bad food quality.
Second : The hosts speak english very bad.
Third : They charged me 50 pounds because of my one baggage in return flight, however they did not charge me on my first flight from Tehran to London ! I asked them(in London Gatwick airport from the person whom was responsible) why they had not charged me but they do on second leg? they did not answer me ! plus after my return flight I send an email to their headquarter in kiev and only they respond me the they will take a look at this case and will answer me soon. Now, its been long time(over 3 month) and no response !!

Please never ever board UIA (Ukraine International Airlines). respect yourself !

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Economy IKA - LGW 12/2018

Horrible experience

The worst airline ever. Tactless rude workers at the gate. I was transporting an expensive art work to the exhibition and was out of the size for 10 cm. Employees proposed me to fold it into four parts and put into the backpack, or to leave it in a trash. They were enjoying the situation. I am disgusted and pissed on that company.

Second my experience with them is that they cancelled my back flight because I was late on the second part of my first flight, without letting me know. They refused to pay me the road back and were saying that this is my fault. I had to travel via bus one day longer because of them. And they stay ok with the situation, like no fault at all.

I recommend to avoid that horrible airline. Ukrainian service is Worst ever.

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Economy VNO - MUC 10/2018
Lena Tkachenka

lost luggage every time!!!

My name is Aleksandra. I bought a ticket from UIA (Mexico City-Toronto-Kiev on July 9, 2018) and back (Kiev-Toronto-Mexico City on September 19...

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Economy KBP - MEX 09/2018 6 reactions
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