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Denied boarding due to airline ignorant of visa requirements. What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

What is the swiftest and most effective way to get a full refund and damages incurred?

These have got to be animals running this airline.

There is no ethical, professional or moral code attached to these heartless employees and workers of UIA. Boarding from Ukraine International Airlines to Milan to connect to another flight to Casablanca on July 6, 2017, was refused due to a bogus visa issue.

The Italian Embassy had told me I don’t need a transit visa. They also referred me to the European Union Visa code.

How can I resolve this with immediate effect?!

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Economy KBP - MXP 07/2017

An awry experience

A strange experience. I left 2 stars only cause they got me to my destination. Unable to make payment online, I was asked several times to pay over...

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Economy LGW - PEK 05/2017 1 reactions

Gridy bastards

To be short, my ticket did not include the luggage.

1. Paid 25 EUR in the airport of Amsterdam, but UIA ripped me off 50 EUR in the airport of Kiev on my flight back to Amsterdam.

2. They said that 48 hours before the flight there was a possibility to pay cheaper the luggage, but they do not inform their clients about it nor by e-mail, neither by SMS, so how would you know?

3. The flight quality is ALWAYS low, too hot, too dirty, very uncomfortable seats (sure enough gotta stuff the plain as much as they can to get more of it).

4. The call centre service serves anything but their clients

Never again, even though I am Ukrainian. I do advice everyone to use other companies and will definitely do it myself.

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Economy KBP - AMS 02/2017 1 reactions

Great flight! Especially considering the low price!

The non-stop service from NYC to Kiev is a great price and perfectly harmless (as far as international flying goes). It gets you into Kiev in the late afternoon (similarly, the opposite direction gets you into NYC in the afternoon), which is good for getting acclimated to the new time zone.

Ticket counter employees were nice on me even though I had a larger-than-regulation carry-on (they let it on for free).

The airplane was a normal Western 767 jet, no Russian garbage, and while there was no in-flight entertainment (other than looking at the pretty flight attendants, who were several cuts above the usual American ones), who cares when you can sleep or use your own phone/computer?

Overall, you can't beat the pricing, especially since you can order 1-way tickets for half the cost of roundtrip (whereas most companies greedily charge 75% or more).

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Economy JFK - KBP 02/2016


It was a standard regular flight by Ukraine International Airlines.

The seats were comfortable enough. Though leg room was not so sufficient.

No special entertainment onboard.

They offered three types (chicken/cheese/salmon) of panini, three or four types of juices, some other small snacks. Landing and take off were good and undisturbing.

Staff was friendly enough. It was an enjoyable flight.

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Economy KBP - TLV 10/2016

Good flight.

Just good flight. The cabin was clean, the seat was very comfortable and reclining, the snacks were good (though for extra cost), landing and take-off - normal.

Check-In and Boarding - without any problems. The staff was quite adequate and polite.

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Economy KBP - WAW More than 2 years

Really Very Good for the Price.

I took off exactly on time from Brussels. The plane was an Ambraer 190, which isn't all that comfortable but that's not the airline's fault, that's...

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Economy BRU - KBP 07/2016 1 reactions
Sébastien Carlus

Nice flight

Standard flight; neither better nor worse than the others. The cabin was clean, the staff was nice and polite. The plane departed in time. The meals they've served during the flight was for money only.

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Economy KBP - CDG 06/2016 2 views

Could be better.

The flight wasn’t delayed, which was good.

Everything cost extra.

The sandwich was really terrible.

The seats were packed together like on a cattle truck. There was no price list on the Athens Kiev flight.

Big surprise.

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Economy ATH - CDG 04/2016

Not bad.

Due to a delay, I had to make a last minute change from Lufthansa to UIA.

I was initially worried, but I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike Lufthansa, UIA did not yet change to the ridiculously uncomfortable "slim line" seats, so I enjoyed more legroom and than I would have on LH.

The drinks were overpriced at 3 Euros for a can of soda, but that is consistent with other European airlines. The FAs spoke passable English, were relatively pleasant, but they did not allow coach passengers to use the business calls toilet, even on the ground prior to closing the doors.

Where UIA positively differentiated itself from US airlines was their willingness to refund my airfare (minus $10 fee) after discovering that United picked up the tab due to the initial delay. Overall the experience was very similar to flying on any of the big three in the US, and I would not hesitate to fly UIA again.

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Economy FRA - KBP 02/2016 10 views
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