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LeadBalloon No problems whatsoever 4/5
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This flight lived up to its terrible reviews. Delayed outward and inward by several hours.

Lots of leg room on the flight but the hardest plane seat i have ever sat on unlike small planet, your practically sitting on metal.

The dirtiest plane toilet I ever had the misfortune of using. The stewards were lovely people.

Comfortable flight with good pilots but could not understand any of the English that was spoken, totally inaudible and would be of no consequence to anyone in an emergency unless you were Polish.

No food on-board a delayed return flight. Not good for someone with a small child. In brief it took off flew landed, im sitting on my sofa! Dont expect any thrills. it's low budget every step of the way.

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Economy EFL - LGW More than 3 years

The worst airlines

The legroom was ok, maybe not enough because I am quite tall.
However flight was delayed for 6 hours, during the flight it seemed like I was sitting in the toilet because the smell was unbearable. Also, before the take off the temperature was definitely over 30 degrees, but the outside weather was 23-25.

On the way back, when everyone was sitting in the plane, we were waiting for the fuel for approximately 50 minutes more.

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Economy WAW - PMO More than 3 years

Delayed both ways and terrible flight

Delayed by 1-2 hours on both outbound and return flight, from what the Olympic rep told me I think that's pretty normal for them!

No explanation as to why we were delayed
Landing and take off were pretty hair raising, swaying side to side on landing without any kind of bad weather or cross winds.

Uncomfortable seats with no leg room.

The captain didn't help comfort anyone when he announced that someone had been smoking on board and "this would not be a good idea because if the plane caught fire we would need to land in 90 seconds, which wouldn't be possible from 10,000 feet". This got a lot of people very worried, understandably!

Never fly with the airline!

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Economy LGW - EFL More than 3 years

Return Flight (KLX - CDG)

Flight returning from vacation in the same plane as the departure flight: a nineteen-year old Boeing 737-400 registered SP-ENI (I could see the...

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Economy KLX - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions

Single Flight (CDG - KLX)

Very nice flight in my opinion compared to previous reviews between Paris CDG and Kalamata of around 3 hours. The plane was a Boeing 737-400...

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Economy CDG - KLX More than 3 years

Very Good, Unexpectedly.

ENT flight 919. There were no problems and nevertheless I had been really afraid of flying with this airline because of the reviews I'd read beforehand.

I left with trepidation because of the terrible things I'd heard about the airline. The 2 flights to Las Palmas and back were first-rate. No delay, OK flight, good service (standard low-cost).

Landing in Las Palmas was chaotic but that was understandable considering the heavy winds. So go ahead and take this airline, and don't do what I did and believe the negative reviews you read before you leave.

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Economy LPA - NTE More than 3 years

Lost luggage

Enter air were the airline that Olympic holidays used to fly to Rhodes. It was on time and an ok flight but upon landing I realised that my luggage hadn't arrived.

We reported the missing luggage and was reassured that it would arrive and sent onto my destination without delay. The suitcase never arrived and I'm still waiting (2 weeks). This holiday was to celebrate a wedding, I had no clothes let alone the wedding outfit I had packed.

Enter air didn't answer any emails when contacted, so on arriving back home we reported the luggage again on the advice from Gatwick staff via Enter air customer services.

They replied saying my complaint will be processed within 28 days. I don't hold out much hope to getting my luggage back as I don't feel that Enter air care!

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Economy LGW - RHO More than 3 years 1 reactions

Do not be put off

Flew with this airline to Rhodes, never heard of them before.

Had a 1hour delay at Gatwick and 2hours coming home from Rhodes, but the airline/plane was very good.

Plenty of leg room Im 6,2, basic snacks tea coffee served all very good would use again.

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Economy LGW - RHO More than 3 years 1 reactions
Peter T.

A decent airline

I'm a very nervous flyer, Enter air staff was polite, nice clean plane, good pilot both ways, kept us up-to-date during the flight, only downside if you can call it that was the english spoken was quick and a little hard for some people to understand at times.

Take you're own food and drink on board with you.

The main thing is felt safe all flight, was worried about flying enter air before, but not now would fly with them again no problem.

No delays either way, so for any nervous flyers out there scared of flying with Enter air, don't be too many silly negatives on here, delay's happen all the time and people moaning about no sandwiches lol, the main thing is that a safe flight which they are will get you to where you are going in one piece :)

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Economy ZTH - LGW More than 3 years 1 views

Just the worst

So a few weeks before departure, our cheapskate holiday package company informed us that our flights were now with this nomark airline. I wish at that point we had cancelled our holiday and booked with another operator.
Delays on both the outbound and return flights.

Lost luggage, for four different families on our one flight, and another two on the flight home. My case was never found and it turned out that they had recorded it as blue (it was black) which didn't help the search. When contacted, they were no help, simply saying that baggage handling is outsourced - as though I should be dealing directly with their third-party suppliers. The man in Gatwick's baggage enquiries said he'd never heard of them until this summer and then only due to the amount of lost baggage they seem to be producing.

Planes were old. Air-con was virtually non-existent, with people constantly trying to turn up the overhead fans, to no avail, resulting in lots of horribly sweaty, smelly people arriving back in LGW.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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Economy LGW - KGS More than 3 years 4 views

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