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lolo71 OF / ENT ACE / LYS
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Flight ENT857 from Lanzarote to Lyon
Departure scheduled for 8:00 am
Arrival at Lyon 1:10 pm Sunday 17 November

The first thing I'll mention is that the outbound flight on 10 November was manned by non-French speaking cabin crew (except for four words: 'bonjour' – 'au revoir' – 'merci').
I don't know if that complies with safety regulations, with the passengers all French speakers, but it seems strange to me...

On to the return flight now
Departure scheduled for 8:30 am
Took off at 9:00 am, with a detour to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura due, we were told, to a problem with overloading and to finish refuelling.
With the additional fuel weren't we going to be overloaded at Fuerteventura? Not a very credible explanation...
The flight from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura lasted 1 h 30 min, even though a crossing by boat takes 3/4 of an hour!
A wait on the tarmac until 12:00 pm, then we were told there was a mechanical problem necessitating several hours repair work or a change of plane.
We were offered a half glass of water aboard the plane (throughout this period of inconvenience, the drinks would have to be paid for, with no gesture of goodwill on the part of the airline!).
We got off the plane around 12:00 pm and were transferred to a hotel/restaurant at around 1:00 pm, the time at which the buses transferring us arrived.
We had a fairly mediocre lunch and dinner there. After transfer to the airport at around 8:30 pm, we took off at 10:30 pm, and that after the passengers themselves had helped a wheelchair-bound person aboard, receiving no assistance from either the airport staff or the cabin crew... shameful!
The cabin crew (well, the only one who could speak French) informed us of a change to the planned flight: the plane would be flying to Nantes first, then to Lyon – a flight announced and organised in reverse order!
Once arrived in Nice at 2:30 am, a 40 minute wait for the take-off to Lyon was announced.
But It's a problem with the baggage: it's all been unloaded, got to wait for all the baggage for Lyon to be reloaded...
At around 2:00 in the morning, and with us (the passengers for Lyon) still aboard the plane, we were informed that it wasn't possible to land at Lyon due to fog (and perhaps because of the equipment they had, or the pilot's qualifications: I've been flying regularly to Lyon for years and I've never experienced weather-related problems).
They had us waiting until 4:00 am, to see if the weather conditions would improve... Then they placed us in a waiting room along with mattresses and emergency blankets. At 6:45 am airport staff awoke us to tell us that departure would probably take place at 8:30 am.
The airport provided breakfast.
Departure took place at 8:30 am... landing in Lyon at 9:30 am (originally scheduled for 1:10 pm the previous day!), then there was a half hour wait to collect the baggage.
The cabin crew couldn't provide passengers with the flight delay vouchers they asked for...
In brief: an airline to keep well clear of!

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By lolo71, about Enter Air, , close to Château-thierry, Picardie, France
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Ludovic J. replied Translate

Étant PNC dans une compagnie française, je tiens a repondre a vos quelques interrogations.
Tout d'abord, il est tout a fait possible d'avoir un équipage ne parlant pas la langue des passagers. C'est pas judicieux de la part d'Enter Air mais pas interdit !
Ensuite le vol d'1.30h entre Lanzarote et Fuerteventura a été long certainement du au temps que prend l'alignement de l'avion face a la piste d'atterrissage (parfois 45 mins...) et il suffit en plus qu'il décollé dans la direction opposée a sa route !
Enfin les deux pilotes étant dans l'avion sont forcement qualifies pour atterrir sur l'aéroport de destination, seulement les problèmes meteo ne préviennent pas toujours... Dans ce cas je pense simplement que le temps de service (TSV) de l'équipage a été dépassé dû au retard, ils devaient avoir un repos minimal avant de pouvoir redécoller !
Néanmoins, felicitations d'avoir survécu a tout ça !! :)

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