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Review of Turtle2 about the flight Enter Air Ent841 between Agadir and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 06/01/2013 in Economy
Turtle2 OF / ENT AGA / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

I'm not in the habit of leaving messages on blogs but in this case I think it's essential I do so for the blog's readers.
It was a fantastic holiday, but what a disaster this airline was!!!!
Our flight from Agadir to Paris Charles de Gaulle seemed to be well on track for our 8:10 am take-off, with boarding completed on time.
Unfortunately, what followed wasn't as simple as that.
We were taken off the plane because of a problem that could apparently be fixed in 25 minutes.
The result was a wait of over 10 hours in the boarding hall with our seven-year-old daughter and a final arrival at Charles de Gaulle delayed by 12 hours.
Initially our plane had a hydraulic leak, then there was a several hour delay waiting for the decision to have another plane sent from Paris.
We were supposed to leave Agadir at sunrise and we ending up leaving after nightfall.
We stopped over in Lanzarote, where the nightmare continued.
During the stopover, for dropping off and picking up passengers, we watched four fire engines clearing up kerosene pouring onto the tarmac.
The cabin crew did not provide us with any information about the activity going on around the plane; except for one hour later that is, at take-off, when they told us that everything was OK and there was no cause for concern.
I've been flying on planes since early childhood but I've got to say that that was the first time I'd felt so worried.
The cabin crew seem to have little competence and bear no resemblance to the crews of other airlines. Their main and only duty seems restricted to the selling of snack products.
Fortunately, we arrived at our destination, at 1:15 in the morning instead of 2:00 pm.
The only advice I can give you: spend a few hundred euros extra and don't take the unnecessary risk involved in using this 'airline' (it isn't really).

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By Turtle2, about Enter Air,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 7 January 2013
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SHARYN replied

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review. i've never heard of this airline!! i was just about to book a holiday to crete and as usual asked what airline i would be flying with as i'm a nervous flyer to say the least and am a stickler for safety. when i was told that it would be enter air i decided to put off booking until i had checked the safety record of this airline...which is when i found your blog...thank you!! you did the right thing and i will not be booking with this company. sure it might not happen every day but like you said i feel very strongly that it's always better to pay the extra money as you've said and to be safe rather than sorry!! will not be booking now...wondered why it was so cheap anyway?. thought there must be a catch. the power of the internet...thanks again!! if something had happened to us like it did to you there's no way i would have been able to get on the flight i get that nervous. i would have been terrified.

Matty replied

Wow.. I flew to Crete last year, and didn’t really pay attention to the airline scheduled.
When I saw it was ENTER AIR, I just presumed it was a low cost adequate airline, and obviously it had to be safe.
I’ve flown many many times, including virgin, air canada, BA etc... and of course short haul on easy jet and Ryan air.
Ryan air was the worst by far, until my experience with ENTER AIR!!!
Pilots? No introduction at all
Stewardesses? Not one word of English. Not one smile. Blunt, rude, basically looked like children.. unhelpful, inexperienced. Just gossiped with each other.
Plane? Very jerky.. rattled.. seats appalling. No space at all. Stank of aviation fuel and oil. Floor sticky and uncleaned. Tatty old inflight magazine (heavily worn and stained) ripped sick bag. That was it!

It made Ryan air look like Cathy Pacific!!!
Price? Wasn’t cheap, as it was high season. Obviously the tour operator was ripping us off!

Safety record? Just view the statistics on line and make ur own decisions!!

Spend more money and book with someone else!

Avoid like the plague!!

I wouldn’t fly with them if they paid me!


Poland should be ashamed of there airline!

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