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Review of Grogs about the flight Enter Air between Kefalonia and Manchester on 20/06/2015 in Economy
Grogs OF / ENT EFL / MAN

We booked a Cosmos holiday with all the family to Kefalonia Greece. Cosmos use the Polish airline Enter Air. We are regular flyers and have travelled all over the world but have never completed a review like this before.

Our return flight home ENT 418 was delayed by 10 hours. During the delay the company didn't provide updated information regarding the delay. We resorted to my son contacting a passenger over the Internet on the outbound flight to get information. The delay was caused by a faulty door and the flight took off and landed a number of times during the delay to test the faulty door. After numerous correspondence seeking compensation directly with company we turned to the Greek aviation authority who where told by Enter Air that the delay was caused by a bird (a lie) when we have it in writing from Enter Air that it was a technical fault.

Enter Air's view is that the circumstances were not within their control therefore we were not entitled to compensation. You are entitled to compensation for a technical fault. Please be aware that if you are delayed while flying with Enter Air you will not receive compensation as set out by the Civil Aviation Authority nor will you find a solicitor that will take on board your case, even at 25% plus fee. Yes the company is that bad.

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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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