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No problems whatsoever

Excellent for budget airline, but obviously not when compared with full price. i was dreading this flight, having read innumerable excoriations on...

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Economy LGW - CFU 05/2018 6 reactions

18 hour total delay

Don't even know where to begin. After a 3 hour delay due to extended maintanence we got on the plane which smelled with uncomfortable. Got on the runway and then stopped. We sat there for over an hour, before we found out the plane had a fault and we would have to wait to be towed off the runway. Messages from the pilot very difficult to understand. Staff were not rude but not overly apologetic.
Finally got off the plane to find out our flight originally meant to leave at 8am would leave at 2 the following morning meaning an 18 hour delay. Basically Enter Air thought it would be okay to put everyone on an old broken plane. Thankgod it never actually left the ground. 2am flight still left late. Flight home late too. Food options okay for a 4 hour flight. Sent off my compensation letter a month ago and heard nothing yet. Will never fly with them again.

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Economy MAN - RHO More than 2 years 2 reactions
Amy smith

Rude Cabin Crew and unbelievably slow service

The flight was ready to depart 15 minutes early, then having sat on the tarmac for some time, the captain announced that ground crew had forgotten...

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Economy JSI - LGW More than 2 years 11 reactions

The other half

Return leg of review out from Gatwick.

Had to queue outside the departure area at Kos (but maybe not Enter Airs fault) in the car park. Flight was delayed (maybe because the queue was badly managed) but caught up and arrived about 20 minutes late. Not a bad flight but again - cabin crew disinterested and not reassuring for passengers. Safety demonstration was appalling, drinks served in the cheapest possible plastic cups (but £6 a pop for spirit and mixer) and when i was told there was no ice i was made to feel like i was asking for something extraordinary. No smiles from cabin crew, but at least the flight deck were chatty although almost impossible to hear.

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Economy KGS - LGW More than 2 years

Poor staff interaction

Delayed on the tarmac for about 45 minutes and not a peep from the flight deck. Cabin crew announcements were almost inaudible and cabin crew seemed...

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Economy LGW - KGS More than 2 years

Almost as bad as Thomson

Not so rapacious as Thomson at baggage check in (Thomson extort maximum possible cash for slightest overweight) Extremely limited on-board menu...

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Economy LGW - RHO More than 3 years 2 reactions

Worst flight ever!

Wow this airline is so bad I don't actually know where to start! Well let's start with the delay out there (3 hours) it was a very uncomfortable...

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Economy LGW - EFL More than 3 years 5 reactions

Nothing wrong with this airline

Just back from a week in Zante.

Ok before we flew we had never heard of this company which Olympic holidays use. I read some of the reviews on here and was near to tears and almost cancelled my holiday or asked for a flight change.

We were delayed by an hour on the way out but that was due to Greece restricting air space. The process of getting on the plane was hassle free and very quick.

There was refreshments on flight, beer, wine, chocolate and crisps and toasties etc. The only fault I would say was understanding the polish accent. Apart from that for a budget air line I would say they are better than Ryanair.

So please don't always go by these out of date reviews and people that always quick to review bad experience. Would fly again for sure !

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Economy ZTH - LGW More than 3 years


The plane took off on time and landed on time. The seats were acceptable, but not particularly comfortable. Our luggage arrived with us and was not damaged. Other than that it was horrible.

We were a group of two adults and three children of 13 and under, and were surrounded by a group of thirty or so people on their way to a wedding.

Their celebrations started shortly after take off when they decided to throw a party in the aircraft aisle. Booze was drunk in large amounts, lots of it from bottles brought on board from duty free in the airport (illegal?) a bluetooth boom box was playing loud 'music', the party goers were blocking the aisle, spilling drink, shouting and lurching into our seats.

The cabin crew were magnificent in their ability to act as if nothing was wrong. Probably the last airline I'd choose to fly with.

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Economy LGW - ZTH More than 3 years

Good For a Charter.

Flight on a B737-400 for the departure flight and a B737-800 on the return, more recent, in good shape (even if on the departure flight, we felt that the plane was getting old) for the island of Samos.

The departure flight was on time, and we even arrived 1h early on the return flight since the layover in Rhodes was shorter than expected.

Very nice flight attendants who spoke French for the most part and made an effort.
One of the pilots was French, and regularly gave us geographical information along with telling us how much time was left on the flight.

As for the comfort, it was basic, but for a charter company you can't expect the same services as on Air France, so for a 4h flight it was enough.

I also recommend that you take food with you since you have to pay for refreshments on board.

A good little airline, no complaints on my part.

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Economy CDG - SMI More than 3 years
Axelle D.
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