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Great flight. On time (and that was important to me because I had such a short layover in Rhodes). The plane, chartered by Aegean Airlines, was clean. There were no problems with the flight, and the flight crew was pleasant and available.
We noticed an unusual landing at the Rhodes airport, but the pilots pulled it off.

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Economy SKG - RHO 07/2016

Very short flight!

The checkin process in Athens was very quick! Then, the security check was very smooth as well! In the departure area, we waited for a bus to bring...

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Economy ATH - MLO More than 2 years 2 reactions


This flight was on a small Dornier with 20 seats. There was an open cockpit and the pilot had his shirt collar open and his helmet pushed back.
Greece was charming, and so was this flight.
A trip without problems but impressive.

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Economy PAS - ATH More than 3 years 1 reactions 14 views

Good service

Good service, the connecting flight to Athens went well. The service and cleanliness were good and they followed the safety instructions.
The Santorini-Paris return flight with a connection in Athens had the same level of service. Note that there was a pretty uncomfortable zone of turbulence above the Alps.

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Economy CDG - KGS More than 3 years

In contrast to old reviews, we really liked flying on the new Olympic Air

In contrast to old reviews, we (my wife, my 2 kids and I) really liked flying on the new Olympic Air. The plane was brand new and the flight crew was young, friendly and attentive. We have no complaints except maybe the 20-minute delay at boarding and then arrival. The return flight was just as good, even with the addition of my wife's broken ankle, which required more attention from the crew and a wheelchair, etc.
They left a very good impression.

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Economy ATH - LCA More than 3 years

Deux voyages intérieurs qui se sont très bien passés; Que ce soit à l'enregistrement ou le personnel a fait des efforts pour nous placer au mieux, ou à bord où les hôtesses (très élégantes!) ont été très agréables et attentives. La compagnie donne sur ces vols courts une boissons et des mélanges salés de bonne qualité, ainsi qu'un petit bonbon au décollage... Ce qui donne une jolie touche destressante.
Nous avons aussi fait un samos /Athènes. Sur ce dernier vol, nous avons enregistré les bagages à Samos pour Paris car nous avions un vol Air France dans la foulée. Le transfert des bagages s'est très bien déroulé. Bref une bonne compagnie

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Economy ATH - LRS More than 3 years 5 reactions 64 views

Confort: sièges sales et cassés Service: Les hôtesses parlent un anglais incomprehensible, et sont très antipathiques, la nourriture est très...

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Economy CDG - ATH More than 3 years 8 reactions

Général: Pour un vol aussi court. Mon expérience sur Olympic Airways fut satisfaisante, mieux qu'il y a 10 ans sur un autre vol intérieur. Confort...

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Economy ATH - PAS More than 3 years 5 reactions
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