Worst flight ever

Review of Ugdyifiyd about the flight Air New Zealand between Wellington and Auckland on 20/05/2014 in Economy
Ugdyifiyd NZ / ANZ WLG / AKL
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Staff on the ground rude and intolerant. I was seven months pregnant when I took this flight and the staff at both airports were absolutely the rudest, most miserable people I have ever met aside from a couple of nice men. One lady forced me to lift my heavy suitcase up onto the scales even though I was aware how much it weighed and she saw me earlier weighing it and taking things out to correct the weight. I told her this but she still made me lift it again onto the scales on my own just to say "oh I thought it would be over the weight limit".

Check in was absolute chaos and I needed to speak with the lady manning it about a certain American visa that was needed which I hadn't known about. Because of the chaos I wasn't able to talk to her until it became an absolute emergency and when it finally became possible she shouted at me "why the hell didn't you come and see me earlier!" Despite this she didn't attempt to help me and just sent me "over there, she'll deal with you."

The third woman I had the pleasure of dealing with (behind the desk this time) was no better, just as rude and long story short I ended up in floods of tears in the middle of the airport having to pay for another flight (to london).

I am not saying there were no errors on my part during this whole fiasco but a little understanding, help and politeness would be appreciated having coughed up £2000. They were appalling and I wish I knew their names.

The on flight staff, however, were fantastic and I wish I knew their names also.

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1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
1 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
Management of luggage
1 / 5
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By Ugdyifiyd, about Air New Zealand, , close to Newport, Wales, United Kingdom, via its phone
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