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THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER! We were in Tenerife, they canceled a flight, lying the all day not admitting that and keep saying the flight was...

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Economy TFS - LGW 02/2018

THOMAS COOK, a transatlantic version of RyanAir

I have flown across the Atlantic on countless occasions, from the days of Freddie Laker, Pam Am, Monarch etc., to more recent credible airlines, such as Virgin, BA and recently Thomson’s, and must say my flight with Thomas Cook was by far and away the worst I have ever experienced.

A total of over three hours of delays, no apologies, no consideration.

Rude staff, poor food, charges for every little item, £5 for a coffee or a warm beer, no offering of water, completely contradictory to medical advice not to allow dehydration on board a plane, £3 for headphones, an extra £5 for entertainment, no rear seat screens, you are told to download an App to your device but no charging points provided. The Thomas Cook Clone "airtanker" from Manchester must be the most dated plane flying the Atlantic.

Food was very poor and the only beverage was a tiny cup of coffee or cold tea.

Paid extra for legroom but couldn't use the overhead locker because the crew were using it

Avoid this airline at all costs, rubbish service.

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Economy MAN - MCO More than 2 years

Incorrect Booking details from both Thomas Cook and Condor

Booking confirmation stated 'Important - Check in Thomas Cook Terminal 2. ' My 20 year old son couldn't find any information or check in desk at LAX Terminal 2. In terminal 2 there were no listings of this flight. Despite asking several airport employees he wasnone the wiser until we rang Condor in Germany. After several calls we found out flight was Terminal 6. By the time he arrived there the gate was closed for book in.
We have re-booked the next flight (Wednesday 26th - 2 nights in hotel at LAX) and the wrong information is still on the confirmation details telling us Terminal 2!!!!

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Economy LAX - MAN More than 2 years

Lamentable !

Nous avions déjà pris Thomas Cook dans le passé sans problème particulier. Cependant ce dernier vol fut une catastrophe :
Avion sale ( tâche de gras sur les appuis tête, restes de déchets des précédents passagers...)
État intérieur de l'avion peu rassurant, le fauteuil devant moi était dessoudé d'un côté et tellement bancale qu'il m'ecrasait les genoux, de plus la tablette était cassée également et ne tenait pas droite ! Mon fauteuil était lui aussi sûrement défectueux car il suffisait de m'appuyer pour qu'il se mette en position allongée.
Vu l'état intérieur de l'avion, on peut se poser des questions sur l'état des moteurs...
Ajoutez à cela des hôtesses désagréables, et une rupture de stock sur la nourriture (qui bien entendu est payante) et cela dès le décollage sur un vol de plus de 4h et vous obtenez un voyage pénible et mémorable à la limite du burlesque!
Habitué des voyages avion on doit reconnaître que l'avantage avec des compagnies low cost c'est qu'au moins on sait à quoi s'attendre! Et même avec celles ci nous n'avions jamais vécu de vol aussi pénible!

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Economy BRU - TFS More than 3 years 2 reactions 13 views
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