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There, it hurts . . .

First of all, this is my first Internet review.

There was a delay of 15 hours . . . and 5 minutes. But that was just the beginning. They promised us hot meals on board as compensation, and finally gave us 20 sandwiches to be shared between 200 people . . .and they charged us!

However, the most shocking thing was the seats.
It looked like they came out of a low-end Lada from about 1957 . . .one manufactured for the domestic market.

For a one-hour flight, that punishment might be tolerable, but for a four-hour flight it's just not possible.
Avoid this airline whether you're traveling solo, with your family or with your friends.

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Economy CDG - FUE More than 3 years 7 reactions 359 views

This airline is attrocious

I read a lot of negative comments about this airline before departure, but I told myself that my flight would perhaps go well.

Well, all the exact same negative things described in the comments happened, and worse even!

Outbound flight: once we were in the air they informed us that we would be making a refuelling stop because there was too strong a facing wind! Well that was a reassuring start then! So, we were forced to make a stop, which meant a two-hour delay. Problem: we arrived at destination late, in the middle of the night.

Return flight: we had to wait at the airport for hours before being told that the flight had been cancelled that day and put back to the following morning!
Result: a ten-hour delay!

Once we were onboard the plane, the captain asked us to change seats and spread out to the back of the plane, explaining that we wouldn't be able to take off otherwise! It made you begin to wonder if you were on Candid Camera or something!

Airlines like this should be banned. It's a disgrace!

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Economy CDG - CMN More than 3 years 16 reactions 895 views

An airline to avoid

Air Méditerranée has reinvented the modern torture device. These new seats are not only smaller, but any comfortable material has been removed, leaving just a metal bar that hits you in the lower back.

The space between the two rows didn't exceed one foot. The too-short seat that has been reduced to mid-thigh and the completely unmovable armrests keep the traveler from any kind of movement related to the uncomfortable seat.
Additionally, due to the very large size of the seat backs, it was almost impossible to see the security instructions.

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Economy FUE - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 222 views

With Hermes

I just wanted to ask whether it's normal, smart or responsible to only speak English on a flight with mostly French passengers (even up to 99%?) serving Marseilles and Bordeaux.

All of the announcements were only made in English, even all of the safety instructions (lifejacket, etc.).
On this flight, which had numerous "elderly" passengers who hadn't had to learn English, there were a lot of us who didn't understand anything.

Plus, we had to land and refuel with kerosene (?) in Agadir less than 1 h into the flight!

A lot of people asked if there was a technical problem, and the lack of understanding, or the different interpretations on the part of the passengers remained confusing. This is unacceptable, especially when it comes to safety!

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Economy ACE - MRS More than 3 years 7 reactions 119 views

Very good two-way flight

We departed from Nantes Airport during the New Year festivities. Boarding began 45 minutes before take-off, which meant the process of getting on...

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Economy NTE - RAK More than 3 years 36 reactions 1,7k views

Lost luggage (still no resolution)

Departure from Corfu was delayed by 1 hour and 30 minutes with no explanation. Some of the passengers pointed out to the stewardess that the...

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Economy CFU - NTE More than 3 years 10 reactions 167 views

A delay of more than 6 hours with no explanation

We left Lyon for Lanzarote in the Canary Islands after an almost six-hour delay without any explanation given. We were left waiting in the boarding...

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Economy LYS - ACE More than 3 years 23 reactions 622 views

No better way to begin and end your vacation

OK flight crew. The plane was the kind that made you constantly wonder if it was about to crash. Departure was on 7/12 at 3:40 am with an expected...

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Economy CDG - ACE More than 3 years 17 reactions 360 views

This was the worst flight I have, although I flew a lot

Many small failures that followed the people on the flight : as the console did not work. At flight back distribution of food inedible (box of cabbage !).
Flight to destination is not distributed any food and there was no food for sale, that's over.
At flight back was a smell of cigarettes and the smell of gasoline.

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Economy TLV - TLS More than 3 years 1 reactions 16 views

A big joke

This airline should really close up shop. Despite our habit of flying with airlines that are a lot more serious and renowned, we were forced to...

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Economy CDG - LIS More than 3 years 40 reactions 2,9k views

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