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nellayn MK / MAU LHR / MRU
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

In July 2017 myself, my wife and 2 children aged 1 and 3 travelled to Mauritius. As a regular kestrel Flyer, I expected better treatment and better service. I am warning everyone to think twice especially if you have children. They are very child unfriendly. You have no rights when travelling via Air Mauritius. When we landed, one of our luggage was missing. This is despite the flight was the flight was delayed by more than one hour. That luggage contained all amenities for the children, their milk, nappies, food, clothes etc. We landed on a Sunday, and had to attend a wedding the same night. My wedding clothes and that of my wife were in that luggage.
I complained to the staff, they could not care less and said I was not entitled to anything and was sent away. No manager was available and later in turned out that the duty manager on the day was busy attending to the Prime Minister's wife in the State lounge and could not be bothered about paying passengers. I complained to their customer service, and again the service I received was poor. I wrote to the CEO MR Somas Appavoo, and their Chairman MR Sundoo. No response at all from them.
When we returned to the UK 2 weeks later, two Air Mauritius Staff were travelling. They were drunk, pissed, could barely walked. One of them had to even be assisted by the cabin crew to tie his seat belt to show how drunk he was. They were being given business class treatment when they were travelling in economy in front of all paying customers. Air Mauritius did not see anything wrong with that.
I spoke to the cabin crew about this, and they could not care less. The cabin crew even went to give my name and details to the staff travelling.
Air Mauritius took no actions, and they believed It was ok.
The CAA could not do anything because Air Mauritius is not signed up for mediation with any organisation. They do this purposefully.
What they offered me is 5000 travel points, 50 Euros, and to use their lounge when I travel next which is completely pathetic to what my family went through travelling with them. They insisted that I sign a declaration forfeiting all my consumer rights before I could get what they offered.
It is an Airline that do not care about its passengers, they only care about themselves, and the politicians.
I feel ashamed that this is my local airline. Look at the recent Pilot Scandal will tell you exactly how this airline is run.

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By nellayn, about Air Mauritius, , close to Fulham, England, United Kingdom
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