substandard customer service- baggage damaged by the ground staff- doesnt want take responsibility

Review of PP3 about the flight Silkair between Singapore and Semarang on 12/08/2019 in Economy

My suitcase has been damaged when it arrives in Semarang due to mishandle by one of the baggage crews, the stitching on the border was teared off and results to a hole.

It took me a while just to find the airline local ground staff on the baggage area, no one at the supposed to be office. Apparently, the staff was doing something else. Once I found the correct staff, I had to prompt him several time about what he supposed to do, i.e. making official report, before he actually did it. It was very frustrating. He gave me a copy and said will follow up with me, yet I received nothing from their side till 17 days after the incident.
I told this staff that I am heavily travelling, although I can provide local land phone number, I would rather being contacted via email, in which I wrote it down on the report form clearly.

I followed up three time using online forms and emails, and only then I was being replied.

Once they sent me a very first response, the customer office said negative sentence me for not taking their calls. He mentioned, his colleagues had called me twice the day after the incident. He also said that the damaged due to normal wear and tear and assured me that the ground staff had taken care my baggage well enough. He said SilkAir is not responsible for the damage due normal wear and tear. He offered me a voucher but I had to get it in person, the voucher can be used to buy extra services on my next flights or buying items online at krisflyer shop.

I quickly responded that I had clearly mentioned to the ground staff and shared my email address that I was heavily travelling, therefore I apologize for not being able to be staying at my accommodation just waiting for "who-knows-whether-I-will-get-the-call". I also said it is a shame that the staff did not pay attention to my message for contacting me by e-mails.
I also said I am no longer in Semarang to collect the said voucher, so I asked politely for him to scan the voucher and send it via e-mail to me so I still can use the said voucher.
I also emphasized to him again that the damage suitcase certainly NOT due to NORMAL wear and tear. THERE IS A HOLE NEAR THE BORDER DUE TO MISHANDLING OF THE CREWS! and I sent him another 2 photos as evidence of my statement. Further check with authorized repair center, it was sentenced to non-repairable.

Today it has been 2 days after my response to the only email I got from SILK AIR. And from the sentences being written by the customer service office, I can sense that my complain and feedback and genuine concern about their substandard service is not being taken seriously.
It is a pity about their attitudes. I regret to have thought silk air is better than a budget airline and to have bought and taken this flight.

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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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2 / 5
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