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Value (price + quality) 4 / 5
Comfort 3,83 / 5
Costumer service 4,43 / 5
Your opinion of security 5 / 5
Food 4,17 / 5
Management of luggage 4,75 / 5
Comfort 3,83 / 5
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Singapore Quality

You can feel the professionalism of the parent company, Singapore Airlines. High-quality meal served on board. The flight crew was cheerful and...

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Economy RGN - SIN 05/2016 5 views

Good Flight. Terrible Experience with Security.

Continuation of my trip to Mandalay. Arriving from Singapore, the plane stopped in Rangoon where all of the passengers were asked to leave the...

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Economy RGN - MDL 03/2016 21 views

Better than a low-cost airline, but much worse than its parent company, Singapore Airlines

Since it often has a monopoly on direct flights linking secondary towns to Singapore, this airline benefits from a market that is unfavorable to its passengers.
66 lbs of luggage.

To sum it up, this is an airline of local interest without any major flaws or strengths.

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Economy BPN - SIN More than 2 years 3 reactions 35 views

The art of service

Silk Air is Singapore Airlines' low-cost airline.
We flew on a brand new Airbus A320-200.

An unproblematic flight from the practical point of view.

However, when it came time for dinner there was only once choice left: fish with a very exotic accompaniment. The stewardess recognised our problem, and without us needing to ask her, she went to business class and came back with two dishes for us that were better suited to our European tastes.
And all this with a big smile.
Thank you.

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Economy SIN - CEB More than 3 years 2 reactions 32 views

Good flight

Slightly delayed (30 min), but a normal flight between Singapore and Phnom Penh otherwise, though the captain did explained what was happening in good humour as a part was being changed on the plane.
Refreshments were served onboard.

Baggage retrieval in Phnom Penh was very rapid.

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Economy SIN - PNH More than 3 years 3 reactions 10 views

Delay at the Singapore airport

When we arrived at the Singapore airport, there was a 2-hour delay because of a breakdown. Ok, that's nothing, we're on vacation. Once we went through the X-rays they had us wait in a room; then the plane landed and the told us that because of a technical problem, we had an extra 1-hour delay, and then we finally boarded. The level of comfort was great: a small meal plus a snack, the TVs weren't individual but what they showed was really funny (ex: the French TV show A mourir de rire), friendly flight crew, clean bathrooms. I recommend this airline despite the delay.

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Economy SIN - HKT More than 3 years 2 reactions 72 views

Prise en charge nullissime

Nous avons voyagé avec Silk Air le 30 septembre 2016 de Manado à Singapour. Vol prévu à 12h15 arrivée Singapour à 17h30 pour correspondance Singapour à 20h10 pour Paris. Le vol est annoncé avec un retard de 4 h ce qui évidemment nous faisait rater notre correspondance.

Après multiples tractations au départ la compagnie nous assure une prise en charge à Singapour avec logement à l'hôtel et possibilité de prendre le même vol pour Paris + 24 h. Ok pour nous mais à Singapour désenchantement total : personne pour nous prendre en charge... Je passe les détails et nous avons du racheter un billet (1100 euros) pour rentrer.

Nous avons contacté la compagnie par divers mails de réclamation sans aucun retour positif pour une éventuelle compensation. Donc je déconseille formellement cette compagnie pourtant filiale de Singapore Airlines et conseille aux éventuels clients de choisir une autre compagnie.

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Economy MDC - SIN 09/2016
Serge C.

Bon vol malgré les turbulences.

Arrivé très tôt (13h50) à l'aéroport, je pénètre dans la zone d'enregistrement après un premier contrôle de sécurité. L'enregistrement pour le vol...

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Business RGN - SIN 04/2016 3 reactions 42 views

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