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Review of Paul Mark about the flight Malaysia Airlines between Auckland and London Heathrow on 26/04/2017 in Business
Paul Mark MH / MAS AKL / LHR

Dear F**** Z****,

Thank you for your response to the complaint I made to you (almost) 8 weeks ago. At first I thought it was an extraordinary length of time to receive a response to a complaint. However, when I posted my feedback on our Malaysian Airlines’ flights on TripAdvisor a week ago I realised why. By far the majority of the posts about you ranged from bad to terrible. From that I deduced that you must be inundated with thousands of complaints at any given time and it must be very difficult for you to respond to them all.

Thank you also for pointing out that it is not possible to guarantee a reserved seat in Business Class with Malaysian Airlines without paying you a fee. I wasn’t sure whether our daughter-in-law travel agent was aware of that so I am copying her on this e-mail so she is aware that she needs to charge her Business Class passengers an extra fee if a couple want to ensure that they can sit together. I will suggest that she on-forward this e-mail to Flight Centre’s management so all their staff are aware of this rule.

Also, thank you for advising me that your ‘Golden Lounge' at Heathrow doesn’t open until 3 hours before a flight. That will also be news to our daughter-in-law and your New Zealand representative (R******) who assured my daughter-in-law that it would indeed be open while we waited the 10 hours for our connecting flight with you.

I think part of your problem at Malaysian Airlines is that all your staff that we dealt with (with one notable exception) had a “nothing I can do” attitude. One of the things that differentiates a good company from a mediocre (or bad) company is the attitude of their staff. A good company's staff will display a ‘can do’ attitude (rather than try to ‘pass the buck’ to someone else because they can’t be bothered).

We (along with 300+ other passengers) saw this in the behaviour with your flight crew before leaving Auckland Airport where they didn’t bother to turn up until 30 minutes after the flight was due to have departed (a not an uncommon occurrence with your flight crews according to the staff at the gate). I just would have thought they might have made some effort to try and be on-time seeing as we had been waiting 33 hours for our Malaysian Airlines flight to leave by that stage.

Perhaps it also extends to your engineers in Kuala Lumpur judging by the extraordinary amount of mechanical problems that Air New Zealand engineers picked up at Auckland Airport in a short period of time which appear to have been missed by your people in KL.

As a result of all the above-mentioned, I am not at all surprised that you have elected to ‘hide behind your fine print’ and offer no compensation. Because of the large amount of complaints that I’m sure you now receive, it would send Malaysian Airlines broke if you offered compensation to complain passengers.

Having looked at all you negative feedback I also now see why you are not worried about your reputation. There is obviously no need to ‘cherish’ your reputation if you don’t have a good one to start with.

Finally, thank you also for your invitation to welcome me aboard another Malaysian Airlines flights in the near future. I think we both know that will not happen now. This was our first experience flying Malaysian Airlines and after your response, it will be our last.

You had an opportunity to fix this but you chose instead to ‘hide behind your fine print’.

Interestingly, when I have told the many people (both locally and overseas) I have spoken to about our experiences with Malaysian Airlines, most of them have been appalled but some have said “well what did you expect flying Malaysian Airlines”!

I only wish I had spoken to them before we booked our flights with you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Markham

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By Paul Mark, about Malaysia Airlines, , close to Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
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