A family of 4 with a 2 year old and an infant got thrown off the plane unjustly

Review of NomadJo about the flight Malaysia Airlines between Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow on 07/06/2017 in Economy
NomadJo MH / MAS KUL / LHR

Our family had the most horroendous experience on Flight MH 0002 FROM Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow-London deaprting on June 7th, 2017 at 23:15
Prior to our travel, we had reserved a bassinet seat for my newborn baby 3 months ahead of time. We have made two skype phone calls 1 day prior to our travel to confirm that we have the bassinet seat and our family get to sit together.

After 2 verbal confirmation through the phone, 2 e-mail confirmations plus 1 personal confirmation from the check in agent that we have a bassinet seat and our family get to sit together, I thought nothing could go wrong.

Little did I know that our family of four with a 2 year old toddler and a new born baby will end up being thrown off the plane at 1 am for the mistakes Malaysian airline made.

My husband and I booked a bassinet seat for our newborn baby on March 7th. The Malaysia oversea office promised us a bassinet seat on the phone on March 7th. 1 day prior to our travel, I phoned up the oversea office to confirm our bassinet seat and was told that they didn't book us the bassinet seat. After two skype phone calls, the agents on the phone assured us that we do have a bassinet seat on both flights and our families will be sitting together.

On the day of travel, we did get a bassinet seat on the flight from Jakarta to KL, but our family couldn't sit together. The check in staff at Jakarta assured us that we will for sure have a bassinet seat and our family will be able to sit together from KL to London.

When we finally boreded the flight from KL to London, you can imagine our anger and disappointment when we discovered that they didn't give us a bassinet seat.

When we notified the flight attendant resopnsible for seat 43 a, b, and C, he first told us that we can talke to the basinet seat passengers ourselves to arrange a switch. We told him that is absolutely not our responsiblity when we booked month ahead of time and has received 2 verbal confirmation, 1 personal confirmation at the check in counter and 2 e-mail confirmation of a baseinnet seat. He then proceed to solve the problem reluctantly.

The flight attendant came back and said that he could give us one bassinet seat, but my husband and my 2 year old daughter won't be able to sit with me and the baby. We politely asked him to have us sit together.

He came back 30 minute later said that there's not even a bassinet seat. We will have to sit without any bassinet seat at all. Then the cabin crew started avoiding us from this point onwards. The cabin purser and gound agent (a lady with headscarf) came and speak to us with an aggresive attitude. They offered no apology and showed no empathy to my distraught two year old and an over tired baby. When my husband asked if my baby and I can sit in the business class (the entire section is empty) so the baby can lie flat, the cabin purser said, " Not in a million years that you will get to sit in the business class." The lady in the headscarf refused to look at the e-mail confirmation of bassinet seat I showed her. She was rude to my entire family; unsympathetic to my distressed 2 year old and crying baby. She said it was our fault for not notifying her earlier. She never introduced who she was and was shifting blame to other departments and us the entire time we tried to communicate with her. She told us that if we don't accept the three seats they had to offer, we can get off the plane.

They then left my distraut family standing for another 30 minutes. We discovered that they were getting our luggage off the plane without our consent. The security guards came and speak to us and said that we can either sit down or get off the plane when they already took all our luggage off the plane. I didn't want to distress my children any further, so we chose to sit down and plan to file a report when we arrive.

After we were helped to our seats, the plane still didn't take off for another 30 minutes. More security guards came on to the plane and asked to speak to my husband in an aggressive manner. The corner him in the galley and really upset my daughter. They told us that we have to get off the plane because the pilot refused to take us.

My husband showed the air marshals our plane ticket and email confirmation. The air marshals didn't think we were being unreasonable and asked the pilot to take off. The pilot refused to take us and asked us to be escorted off the plane. The air marshals told us to file a report as soon as we arrive as it's out of their hands to help us.

When we were put in the air transit hotel, we were promised that the Malasia airline staffs will pick us up the next morning. But no one showed up the next day to helped us with all the luggage and two children.

There are 4 follow passengers who are willing to be our witness of this injustice and many passenger were appalled to see the ordeal we were put through when it was entirely the airline's fault.

It was a mistake made by the booking agents, the checking in agent and mishandled by the flight attendant. But it was mostly the pilot, the purser, the woman in the headscarf (the ground agent) that treated us with contempt, shifted blame and they had everything in their power to remedy such a huge mistake the airline has made on their part.

It was utterly unacceptable for the mistakes they made and the misery they put my two year old and newborn baby throught. There was a specific reason why we booked this flight aiming to reduce the discomfort a long haul flight can cause a young child and a baby.But the pilot and the entire staffs who handled our problem obvisouly didn't understand or care. To ask us to sit through a 12 hour flight without a bassinet seat for a newborn baby to lie flight is unprofessional. It's against healthy and safety regulation. I am just appalled by their unprofessionalism and these people really shouldn't be trusted with the important job they are asked to handle everyday.

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By NomadJo, about Malaysia Airlines, , close to Earith, England, United Kingdom
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