Middle East Airlines : Paris Charles De Gaulle - Beirut

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Value (price + quality) 3,33 / 5
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Costumer service 3,33 / 5
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Comfort 3,67 / 5
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Excellent Flight.

I’m always happy with MEA.

The flight was on time, the crew was professional and attentive and the food was better than average.

There wasn’t a lot of entertainment in French, but we could enjoy it in Arabic.

The baggage processing was exemplary.

I recommend this company once again.

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 2 years

Very enjoyable, and brilliant

This flight was just fantastic. The hostesses provided a very good welcome, even if boarding was delayed by 15 minutes.

Onboard the plane, we had screens fitted to the back of the seat in front of us offering games, films, external camera views and even radio, as well as flight progress information (altitude, distance travelled, etc.).

The seat was comfortable and even reclined a little, though it has to be said that legroom was quite restricted.

The food was good, and varied (bread with butter, a small hot meal, orange juice and a dessert). Members of the cabin crew came by two or three times to ask if we wanted something to drink.

To finish with, I should just mention that the landing in Beirut was a bit harsh.

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 1 reactions 28 views

Professional and enjoyable

Flight ME212 from CDG to BEY at 2:00 pm is one of Middle East Airlines' classic services. The plane was a very nice one and was quite modern (an...

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 3 reactions 29 views


My first trip to the Middle East started out on the right foot with MEA. The ticket price, even for economy class, is not cheap, but the direct Paris/Beirut flight and the quality of MEA's service make it worth it.

The schedules were followed, the flights went by without incident, smooth takeoff and landing, good reception, planes with all of the standard in-flight entertainment and a very good and hearty meal with real place setting, an in-flight first for me.

In short, a high-quality company.

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 1 reactions 13 views

MEA has really impressed me.

Good value for the money.
Spacious seats.
Great service (nice flight attendants).
Very soft landing.
New-generation airplane (Airbus A330-200).
Nice meal.
Individual screens. Entertainment system where you are free to choose your preferred movie or TV show.
Considerate, smiling crew.
MEA has really impressed me.
Amazing flight.

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 2 reactions 34 views

A marvelous airline

After booking a Paris-Beirut roundtrip, I discovered to my great surprise that the flight would be operated by Middle East Airlines, Lebanon’s...

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Business CDG - BEY More than 3 years 19 reactions 93 views

Vol nickel

Notre avion est un A330-200. La ponctualité est respectée. Le siège business chez MEA est plus petit que celui d’Air France mais très confortable...

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Business CDG - BEY 07/2018 1 reactions

pénalité injustifiée

Suite à un accident sur la route en se rendant à l'aereport de charles de gaulles, nous sommes arrivés 15 minutes après la fermeture du boerding, on a pris le voyage suivant où l'agent de sol de cette compagnie nous a vendu deux places à 373 € et 259 € par ce que ce n'est pas le même niveau, on s'est retrouvé assis côte à côte sur le même rangé, en plus on a attendu 1 heure dans l'avion en raison du retard des autres voyageurs. la compagnie a répondu trois mois après pour dire que les prix des places même côte à côte n'est pas le même!
L'agent de sol a profité de notre stress pour profiter et en tirer le maximum d'argent l'équivalent d'un billet d'avion c'est une honte..
Nous n'irons plus jamais sur cette compagnie qui ne respecte pas ses clients et ne cherche que le profit quand elle peut

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Economy CDG - BEY 07/2017

Très bon vol

Malgré un embarquement un peu chaotique (très peu de sky priority et nous les economy avons dû attendre et passer en une seule file alors que la...

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 3 reactions 31 views

Avion très agréable.
Vol, nourriture et avion agréable.

Avion neuf, avec écran devant chaque siège.
Matériel, en bonne qualité, personnel agréable et souriant...

Voyages agréables sur cette compagnie.

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Economy CDG - BEY More than 3 years 3 reactions

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