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Review of GeorgesRaad about the flight Middle East Airlines between Beirut and London Heathrow on 11/11/2017 in Economy
GeorgesRaad ME / MEA BEY / LHR

11 November 2017
Timeframe: 7:23 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific time

I am a US Navy Sailor and I am not authorized to travel to Lebanon due to mission requirements. So after 10 years of traveling restrictions I got a visa for my mother to come to the State. I took leave for 20 days and I booked 17 days for my Mother to come and see me.
I booked a flight for my mother from Beirut to San Diego. My mother does not know English and it was her 2nd flight. Her first flight was with the Middle east (mea). The Middle east left 32 minutes and arrived at LHR at London airport 1 hour 28 minutes late which was 8 minutes late to her next flight from LHR to Chicago. My mother does not know what to do. (I have all screenshots on my laptop and all recorded calls on my cell phone). The mea did not bother to call. I got a call from London, United Airlines, her name was Jill, regarding my mother situation and they are going to send her to Washington D.C., where she is going to spend overnight somewhere, not at the airport, and she is going to leave next day at noon. Also, my mother does not know English and it was her 2nd flight. This lady was courteous enough to contact mea to take responsibility about what happened but she did not provide me with any contact information where I can reach any of who is going to take care of my mother. She got a hotel in London at the airport and tomorrow morning they will fly her to San Diego. The mea took her bags, her handbag, all her belonging, and tablet and she did not know the status of her baggage. They did not leave her anything even.
During this time, I called government vacation rewards (, where I booked my Mother flight to ask for help and I talked to elma, ID# 31119 which did not care and she was helpless.
I called after that mea at London airport and the phone rings forever without anyone answering. I spent around 38 minutes trying to call over and over. At the end, Ahmed responded from Beirut. He promised that he is going to contact London and get me all the information and contact numbers to the hotel where my mother is staying. He asked me to call in have an hour.
After have an hour, I called back and talked to Ahmed again which says that he could not get hold on mea at London airport. He says that in two hours they have a flight and should be able to talk to someone there. I called back in 2 hours and a half, no answer for me and he gave me the mea counter phone number in London. I tried to call this number in order to reach someone for an hour, but in vain.
I end up paying around $70 by calling LHR and Beirut middle east airline counter and still no response.

Mea took already a day and a half from me seeing my Mother
Who is going to take responsibility about all the hassle, time wasting, and the frustration that we had to deal with?
I tried even the Contact us on their website ( which is not working.
Mea: worst service, worst customer service, worst schedule, worst flights and worst automated phone service where I spent all day calling with no answer. I need you to give me something for all the bad service you have provided.

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By GeorgesRaad, about Middle East Airlines, , close to San Diego, California, United States
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#30160 replied

Who on earth would sent their non-English speaking and I assume from what I read not travel savvy mother on a flight unaccompanied like this? The responsibility lies completely with you. This could have happened with any airline. There is a service called special assistance, which you book at the time of reservation. I am in no way affiliated with MEA nor have I flown them but soon will. Not in my wildest dreams would I have done this to my mother.

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