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Go for another airline if you have a choice

We flew Paris-Tana-Paris in economy class in November 2015. Our initial flight from Paris was cancelled without any notification. After checking my...

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 4 views

A flight with Air Maybe

This flight was delayed by three days. There were two cancellations in total, hence the "Air Maybe" nickname for the airline. The plane was quite dilapidated. There was no onboard entertainment. We departed three hours behind schedule. The flight itself was good overall.

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Economy DZA - TNR More than 3 years 5 reactions 73 views

They treat passengers worse than they treat freight!

This was formerly the flagship airline for this large island. Now, however, it is completely disorganised and treats freight better than it does its passengers. Flight alterations are made at the last minute, and there can still be changes even after that. An example for you: our flight from Toliara to Fort Dauphin, lasting 45 minutes, was changed the evening before, so we had to rush to leave at 1:30 am to fly from Toliara to Antananarivo. Then we had to stay at the Auberge du Cheval Blanc, a place right on the limit of acceptability, until it was time to catch the flight to Fort Dauphin. Once again, the flight departure time was altered, to 6:30 pm in this case. We simply had to cancel all the sightseeing we'd planned to do in Fort Dauphin and instead spend the day in a hotel bordering on unacceptability. THANK YOU AIR MADAGASCAR. I'll be travelling by road on my next trip and won't be relying on your unreliable flights ever again.

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Economy TLE - FTU More than 3 years 5 reactions 105 views

Flight cancellation

To the director of Air Madagascar's Paris office

Dear Sir,

You cancelled flight MD051 at the last moment without warning and without a valid reason.
I paid for business class tickets for a peaceful flight only to find myself in that situation!

The flight would have apparently had to leave for Marseille "empty". It should be noted that it wasn't as empty as that. Some "well off" people departed right under everyone's noses, without a qualm.

What explanation do you have to offer for that? Do you find it normal that customers who've paid for their ticket are treated like this?

Is this the way to restore your airline's image and that of Madagascar? Personally, I'm not convinced it is.

I await both an explanation on your part, as Air Madagascar's representative, and the favourable solution you plan to offer me under the circumstances.

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Business CDG - TNR More than 3 years 22 reactions 599 views

Reasonable flight, but no more than that

Checking in at TNR was arduous and took a very long time. The passports were checked on no less than eight occasions between arriving at check-in and boarding. Sometimes, there were two checks in the space of five metres in the same lane!
Boarding and take-off were 15 minutes behind schedule. We were behind schedule by the same amount when we arrived at destination, but there was no gangway available at CDG. It took more than an hour to retrieve the baggage (a regular occurrence at CDG).
The onboard service was the same as on the outbound flight: aperitif, dinner, breakfast. It was adequate, but no more than that.
The cabin crew were nice.
There was no in-flight entertainment (it was the same plane as on the outbound flight). Only the progression of the flight can be viewed on the personal screens: no music, no films, no TV series, ... nothing.
Comfort levels were average.

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Economy TNR - CDG More than 3 years 3 reactions 148 views

Routine flight

The flight schedule by moved up by two hours (which meant getting up very early since in Madagascar it's necessary to arrive two hours before departure for interior flights).
Check-in was tiring and long (the ground crew was completely disorganized).
The plane was old and uncomfortable.
No security screening (the scanner was broken), and they didn't search the check-in luggage.
The flight went by without incident. There was a snack with a hot drink (tea, coffee or hot chocolate) and roll.

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Economy NOS - TNR More than 3 years 2 reactions 85 views

Long and uncomfortable

As with every interior flight, the schedule was modified. For this particular flight, the flight time was moved up and the type of plane was changed (an ATR 72 instead of a B767).
This meant the flight was two hours instead of one.
The seat wasn't comfortable at all (I'm tall and it was impossible to rest my neck on the back of the seat).
Minimal service onboard: just a small snack (soft drink + cashews).

There was a wait for luggage on arrival.

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Economy TNR - DIE More than 3 years 3 reactions 34 views

OK flight, nothing more (TNR-TLE)

The flight's schedule and itinerary were changed in relation to the initial reservations.
Departure was moved by two hours.
Aging airplane, minimal service, a staff that was friendly but nothing more.
A snack (soft drink + cashews) was served.

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Economy TNR - TLE More than 3 years 2 reactions 23 views

A nice flight.

Boarding and and takeoff were roughly on time.
The flight went by flight without incident. The flight crew was friendly, but nothing more.
Good service: drinks, a good dinner (despite a lack of vegetables) and a good breakfast.
The in-flight entertainment didn't work; the only entertainment we had was the navigation chart. No music, no film, nothing.
The cabin was a little overheated.
The seat was somewhat worn, comfort was average.
Arrival was 15 minutes late.
On arrival, there was a small wait to go through immigration and for baggage delivery.

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 1 reactions 49 views

Big security problems

A copy of my email to the management of AIR MADAGASCAR: "Sir or Madam, I would like to let you know of my great displeasure of Air Madagascar's...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy DIE - TNR More than 3 years 80 reactions 3,6k views
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