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Review of beafleur about the flight Air Cairo 3387 between Hurghada and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 22/06/2013 in Economy
beafleur MC / MSC HRG / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Having returned from Egypt this morning, I wish to inform the people who fly with this airline of the “dishonesty” of the people who work at the baggage check-in counter.
When we departed (we were a group of 17 divers), BLUE LAGOON, the travel agency that was handling our stay in Hurghada, confirmed us that we had could check baggage of up to 35 kg because we were divers (we had the documents to support that)…. No problems at departure from Paris CDG.
BIG BIG problem on the way back, at departure from Hurghada.
Passengers were randomly allowed to check bags of more than 20 kg (the normal weight when you’re not a diver) or pay the excess baggage fee for bags surpassing 20 kg.
What happened to me and to two other passengers, for instance, was that we were charged extra (between 40 € and 60 €) for the bags weighing more than 25 kg despite an over half-an-hour discussion, with a “charterer” serving as our translator! At the same time, other divers of our group were able to check their bags with no extra fees, even though their bags weighed over 20 kg….
Another diver, whose bag supposedly exceeded the limit by 6 kg, distributed the contents of his bag among the other divers’ bags so that his would not go over 20 kg…. This didn't please the check-in personnel, who asked him to pay the fee anyway because his luggage weighed more than 25 kg…. Since he firmly refused to pay, the charterer and this AIR CAIRO employee went somewhere else (where we couldn't see) and came back and allowed this diver to check his baggage (less than 20 kg) without having to pay the extra fee.

Also, in our group there was a Moroccan woman who spoke and understood Arabic very well and she distinctly heard them say that they were “going to make us pay!”

So, in short, avoid this airline if you can, otherwise you might get some surprises on the way back!

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By beafleur, about Air Cairo, , close to Gisors, Haute-Normandie, France
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 22 June 2013
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AlexEtz replied Translate

Quand le personnel de la compagnie se comporte comme ça, c'est vraiment pas sympa!

J'espère que ce malheur ne vous arrivera plus! La prochaine fois prenez British Airways, Brussel Airlines ou encore Swiss qui relient tous l'Eqypte, avec une escale certes, mais se sont de très bonne compagnie. :)

À très bientôt sur What The Flight!

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