Air Cairo

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Shameful. The plane was more than 6 hours late without any information or help provided

Disastrous airline. The plane was uncomfortable, the cleanliness and meal were very average. This is really an airline to seriously avoid. Some trip advice: make sure to check if this airline is on the list of planes taking you to to your destination. A huge pain!

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Air Cairo

Hello, Having returned from Egypt this morning, I wish to inform the people who fly with this airline of the “dishonesty” of the people who work at...

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Egyptian charter

Egyptian charter, five-hour nonstop flight, A320 airplane, clean, seats arranged in 3-3 (in my opinion, it was comfortable enough for a mid-range flight).

Departure was 25 minutes late, but we arrived in France at the scheduled time.

The cabin crew was smiling, very nice and efficient. They spoke English, with some also speaking French.

Service: hot meal + cold drinks + coffee, tea

Drinks were offered again one hour before landing, but those were charged extra… :-(

You could buy duty-free cigarettes on board, with a maximum of two packs per person.

Conclusion: very nice flight, I felt safe, it was on time…what more can you ask?

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