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The worst airline - in all aspects

Before the flight, I couldn't add miles, reserve a seat or a special meal, this feature simply didn't work on their website.
When I got to the airport, I found out that although I paid full (or more than full) I was on standby !! I ended up getting on this horrible flight - where seats are extremely uncomfortable and dense, the aircraft is dirty and smells bad, instead of meal you get a small bottle of water and an inedible sandwich, everything is crowded and noisy, no entertainment program, stewardess wakes you up in order to convince you to buy duty free items... a real flight from hell!!
Upon arrival I discover that my suitcase is broken, my suitcase lock was broken, and a jar of honey that I bought as gift has been opened and not closed back, such that the honey spread everywhere, and therefore not only my gift is gone, but all my suitcase content arrived dirty and sticky!!
I fly a lot, and this is by far the worst experience I ever had!!
It's worse than the worst charter, with very expensive prices and with huge pretense!

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Economy TLV - GVA 09/2019

Worst company

I bought a ticket for my aunt, as a gift for her birthday. Wanted she made a trip to Israel. It was her first flight in life!!! Can you imagine how she was exited. But them spoil everything! She passed a strong checking, interview where they talked with her like with a criminal, undressed her. Didn’t give her a water, took all her stuff and pills. Poor, she was so much scared.. Is it normal to act like that with people ? It is not human! It’s rude and irrespectfull. There is no service at all! I’m very andry and totally disgusted with them!

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Economy KBP - TLV 06/2018

Crew-less 12 h flight

Since I live in Israel, unfortunately I've been flying with El Al more than once. Hope that this was my third and last time. I was stuck in my...

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Economy HKG - TLV 03/2018 2 reactions

Poor customer service. Outdated aircraft.

Scheduled booked flight was cancelled by ElAl.
We have been offered next day flight but customer service refused to offer any accommodation or transportation to the airport. Had to pay for another night stay at the hotel + taxi to the airport as it was an early flight.
Aircraft was out of date. Entertainment system from previous century, no sound most of the time.
Service is very poor, though flight staff is trying but the result is not what it should be at the country leading airline.
Customer service response is extremely slow (perhaps too many issues) and mainly unsatisfactory. They keeping saying that flight was cancelled 14 days prior to the actual flight date so the customers are not entitled to any compensations.
If I could, I would cancel it at the time when announcement made but unfortunately there were other arrangements already done.

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Economy TLV - LHR 02/2018

Awful. Terrible.

Arrogant and rude staff and crew. Most cramped uncomfortable seats imaginable. Old outdated plane. Outmoded entertainment "system". Mean spirited and aggressive security. 4 hour delay to Israel. 25 hour delay return flight to U.S.

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Economy plus BOS - TLV More than 2 years

Very bad airline

I thought I would try this airline since it's one way even though it's way more expensive than the others.

They had no in flight entertainment for the entire 15 hours. They use a very old plane and the light was broken an flickering in the row...

Then, right before landing they said that the luggage was left behind in Tel Aviv! For half of the passengers....

They said we would get a call the next day.. But still no contact. Worst airline I ever flew with. I would rather take the layover than deal with this expensive nightmare.

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Economy TLV - LAX More than 3 years

A nightmare.

Avoid this airline by all means even they would offer you a flight for free. I am western European, fullfil visa requirements for Israel and booked...

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Economy LCA - TLV More than 3 years 1 reactions 6 views
Peter P.

A normal, average flight

This was a pleasant, incident-free flight. I had a window seat and there was limited legroom available, as is often the case with most airlines these days. The onboard entertainment was average. The onboard meal and service were of an acceptable standard. We took-off and landed on schedule.

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Economy TLV - WAW More than 3 years 2 reactions 23 views

An exhausting trip

This trip started out badly when I learned that I had a seat in the middle. It was very hot throughout the entire flight. The meal was acceptable. Takeoff and landing were on time. There was a maximum of security before and after the flight.

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Economy FRA - TLV More than 3 years 1 reactions 28 views

No complaints, perfect

The flight departed and arrived with an impressive punctuality. The meal was better than average. The plane was rather new and in good shape. The cabin crew was very pleasant and attentive. You could get as many drinks as you wanted from the back of the plane…. Very nice airline.

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Economy TLV - CDG More than 3 years 3 reactions 47 views
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